Canon launched an exclusive integrated campaign ‘Make every trip an EOS trip’ for EOS 1500D

India, 18th April, 2018 – Known for its stance in innovation, imaging leader, Canon India has launched a new campaign, exclusively designed for its recently launched entry level DSLR’s; EOS 1500D and EOS 3000D.

Defined asan entirely new brand proposition, ‘Make every trip an EOS trip’, isa 360 degree integrated campaign targeted at Indian millennials. Focusedon reaching out to its customers across the length and breadth of the country,Canon India is taking the campaign to tier II and tier III markets. It istargeted at an audience for whom travel forms an integral part of their lives,be it planned or unplanned. And so the campaign emphasizes on differentkinds of travel genre that aims to encourage people to capture and cherishlife's special travel memories. 

As a part ofthis campaign, the brand has engaged with three influencers, who, being travelphotographers themselves have featured as the main cast in the TV commercial.The influencers—@bruisedpassports@sadak_chap,and @dharnidh—havebeen assigned a theme each: togetherness; around the town; and day & night,respectively. Besides the TV shoot, the influencers will capture their travelexperiences along individual themes over a span of 6 weeks starting April 12th2018, and will share their updates on their respective social media handleswith #EOSTrip. The content will also be officially published on amicrosite

Commentingon the campaign rollout, Mr. Eddie Udagawa, Vice President, Consumer Imaging andInformation Centre, Canon India, said, “For years now, Canon hasbeen promoting photography culture in India and campaigns are our way toconnect with customers in an engaging and innovative way. The current campaign,“Make every trip an EOS trip”  has been designed tapping travelinfluencers as ambassadors for the first time. The campaign focuses on our twonewly launched entry level DSLR cameras – EOS 1500D and EOS 3000D showcasingthe grandiosity of the simple travel moments captured through these cameras.With this 360 degree outreach marketing campaign, we will be connecting withour customers across tier 2 and tier 3 cities apart from the metros, makingthis an integral part of our ‘regional penetration’ endevour.” 

For thefirst time ever, countrywide marketers will witness a campaign that engagessocial media, travel influencers as its campaign ambassadors. Adding elementsof newer concepts, the campaign will also involve contextual promotion ondigital platform.         

Commentingon its offline strategy, Shobhit Mathur, National Creative Director, HakuhodoIndia said, “Wewant to encourage people to step out of the virtual world and experience reallife, real moments and make real memories. So no matter what your trip is;short, planned, unplanned, weekend, etc, we want everyone to make their trip,an EOS trip – the most memorable one. And considering the first-of-its-kindnature of the campaign, we at Hakuhodo are extremely excited and committed tocreating contextual content, assets and solutions that deliver well across allmarket strata. We are looking forward to receiving a great response from thestory tellers across the country.”  

Sharinghis comment on the online tactics, Dominic Braganza, Creative Director, DentsuWebchutney said“Today’s social media platforms are moving towards theprioritization of personal conversations over brand conversations. While brandshave responded by involving influencers to increase a campaign’s organic reachand share of voice, Canon decided to take it a step further by involving themin the marketing campaign itself, right from the shoot stage, to individualcontent creation. Like its products, the marketing campaign itself is sure todelight the customers; it certainly was also a delight for all of us at theagency.”   

Anchored bythe premier EOS series and enhanced with user intuitive interfaces, both EOS1500D and EOS 3000D are ideal for beginners looking to advance from smartphonephotography to greater sophistication in imaging performance. Both theseproducts are powered by the DIGIC 4+ image processor and equipped with the 24.1megapixels and 18.0 megapixel, APS-C sized CMOS sensors respectively, ensuringsharp and crisp images even under low light conditions. 

The EOS1500D has been priced at

EOS 1500D(Body): INR 33 995.00/U incl. of all taxes

EOS 1500D(EF-S 18-55mm IS II ): INR 37 995.00/U incl. of all taxes

EOS 1500DDouble Zoom Kit (EF-S 18-55mm IS II +EF-S 55-250mm IS II ):

INR 46995.00/U incl. of all taxes

 TheEOS 3000D has been priced at

EOS 3000D(EF-S 18-55mm IS II ): INR 31 995.00/U incl. of all taxes

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