Cardiotrack expands to Gujarat!

31 October, 2017 Bengaluru: Bangalore-based start-up, Cardiotrack, which provides best-in-class predictive diagnosis for cardiovascular diseases announced today that it has expanded its presence to Gujarat. The company has partnered with Star Hospitals, a multi-speciality hospital chain based in Ahmedabad to deliver real-time diagnostic solutions in Gujarat. This expansion, makes Cardiotrack a Pan-India provider of AI-based cardiac care solutions.

According toa Census India report, over 24% of deaths among men and 19% of deaths amongwomen were due to cardiovascular diseases in Gujarat. More people die of heartdiseases than respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, and cancer put together. Infact, Gujarat has a rich and developed urban culture because of themercantile nature of its society. The people are prone to heart diseasedue to their affinity towards sweets and fried foods. 

Thepartnership with Star Hospitals is an attempt to address the growing concernwith regard to heart disease, and deliver cardiac solutions that are real-timeand preventive in nature. 

Speakingon the partnership, Dr Bhavesh Thakkar, Interventional Cardiologist, StarHospital said,”Cardiotrack will put Star Hospital on the path to proactive preventive cardiaccare. With the high number of cardiovascular cases in the country, Indiastrongly needs preventive methods to save lives and families. With Cardiotrack,we are working towards creating a more heart healthy population inGujarat.” 

Cardiotrackwill be deployed across all Star Hospitals’ centres. Cardiotrack’shand-held IoT device, that is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI),will capture clinical grade ECG data using cutting-edge technologyand ensure data portability through smart android-based devices. 

AshimRoy, Co-Founder and CEO, Cardiotrack said, “Heart diseases continue to be one ofthe main causes of death, globally and across age groups. 50% of thesedeaths can be averted if the delay in seeking the right medical advice isreduced. The best way to achieve this is preventive care and early diagnosis.We at Cardiotrack, pride ourselves for providing accurate and timely diagnosisfor all cardiac related issues. The testimony of our endeavour stems from thefact that Cardiotrack, today, is present across India with leading hospitalsadopting our technology to address the challenges in cardiac care. Thepartnership with Star Hospitals, is a step towards making cardiac careaccessible to a larger number of people and thereby, save lives” 

Headquarteredin Singapore, Cardiotrack has a presence in over 15 countries includingMyanmar, Mexico, Indonesia, Tanzania, Norway, Canada and Argentina among othercountries. Their pocket sized device has been well received by hospitalsand primary health centres in Tier 2 cities and rural areas.

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