Caste is the country’s Cancer; Dalit Leaders

Hyderabad, April 13, 2019.....A unique Run for Caste Free India held in the city on Sunday morning on the eve of 128th Birth Anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar at People's Plaza, Necklace Road, Hyderabad.

Uppal MLA Bethi Subhas Reddy flagged of the Run. Begging at People’s Plaza, the two kilometers run concluded at Ambedkar Statue at Liberty.  One thousand Dalits, member of DICCI, Prabuddha

Bharat International and many other SC and ST organizations participated in this annual run.  

Addressing the gathering, Bethi Subhas Reddy said Dalits were subjected to both social exclusion and economic discrimination over the centuries. As a child, I was wondering why they were forced

to live away from the village.  The division of society into various castes is a global phenomenon. It is not exclusively confined to any particular belief system or religion practiced.  The discrimination

is particularly deep-rooted in the Hindu religion.  And Dalits are considered outcasts, he said.  

Many DICCI activists, Dalit leaders such as Vanajakshi, Gaddam Jhansi, Suresh Nayak, Puttapaka Sreenivas, Lakshmi, Suresh, Vishnumurthy, Bairu Naresh, K. Ravi Kumar, and others participated

and spoke on the occasion

Though all religions practice the caste system, it is associated more with the Hindu religion.  Hindu is the only religion where a lot of significance is attached to the caste system.  Buddhism doesn’t have casteism. That is Dr. B. R. Ambedkar joined Buddhism in the last moments of his life said a speaker.

Our caste system is more than 300years old.  It is the oldest system in the world.  This divides People into various groups based on their karma or work and dharma, duty.  Kshatriyas as

warriors or rulers; Vaishyas as traders or merchants; Shudras as laborers and Dalits as outcasts. This is unfair. 

It must end.  We can build caste free India.  It may take a couple of generations, but, it will happen added some Gaddma Jhansi.   

Another speaker added that Inter Caste Marriage is the way forward to end caste discrimination. That is why we have been encouraging inter-caste  marriages for so many years shared another


We have an inter-caste marriage bureau which has been working towards Caste Free India.  

The run was an annual affair and is was organized uninterruptedly for the year.  It was Organised by Prabhuddha Bharat International and DICCI(Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry).  

Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI) is an association that promotes business enterprises for Dalits. Prabuddha Bharat International (PBI) is an organization that pursues the vision of Babasaheb Ambedkar until it is realized.

Hundreds ran wearing red T-shirts, holding placards.  “We are humans. There should be no consideration of caste. That was the idea and ideal of Dr. B.R Ambedkar whose birthday we are celebrating. He strove and thought for a caste-less society. The best tribute to him would be to demolish the caste system,” said a lot of speakers who spoke on the occasion. 

Many social organizations including Oxley supported the event.

The run was started in the year 2012. The response towards the run is increasing each passing year. It is not just Dalits alone who participated in the Run, but, people from different religions, castes, and religious beliefs participated in the run.

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