Bangalore. 27th March 2018: In a bid to create awareness of India’s capability to launch 5G technology based services at the same time as the rest of the world, if not ahead, COAI, the apex industry body representing the major telecom, internet, technology and digital services companies in the country hosted the India Meeting of international experts on ‘Catalysing 5G in India’ on 27th March, 2018 in New Delhi, through its 5G India Forum.

The eventwas held a week after the plenary meetings in Chennai where the 3GPP executivesmet and made considerable progress towards finalizing the standards for NonStand Alone-New Radio (NSA-NR), which allows 5G deployments over existing 4Gnetworks. The decisions on specifications and standardisations made at theplenary meetings are expected to go a long way in ensuring quick roll-out of 5Gtechnology based services across India and the world. More than 300 delegatesfrom across the globe participated in these meetings with the largest Indianparticipation, ever. This ascertains that companies working on 5G products areon track for commercialization of 5G services in 2019. 

The 3rd GenerationPartnership Project (3GPP) is a mobile communication industry collaborationthat organises and manages the standards and development of mobilecommunications standards. It develops standards for many of the mobilecommunications standards from GSM through UMTS and LTE to 5G now. It is leadingthis effort with an active and aggressive participation by more than 550individual member companies. The Indian friends of 3GPP (IF3) is an initiativeby the local Indian offices of Ericsson, Intel, and Qualcomm to fund andsupport the hosting of 3GPP meetings in India.

Theevent brought togetherinternational experts on 5G face to face with Government, mobile networkoperators and other industry stakeholders and gave them an informal platform todiscuss and deliberate crucial issues regarding the new technology and itsuses. The executives included Mr. Edward Tiedemann, Senior Vice-President,Qualcomm; Mr. Lorenzo Casaccia, Vice-President Qualcomm; Mr. Puneet Jain,Intel; Mr. Ulrich Dropmann, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia; Mr. AsbjörnGrövlen, Researcher, Standardization, Ericsson; Mr. Abhay Savargaonkar, CTO,Bharti Airtel; Mr P.K. Bhatnagar, President- Technology, RJIO, etc.

“Such anevent is fundamental to strengthening the efforts made by 3GPP. Mobile andwireless technology is going to extend massively beyond smartphone applicationsand is expected to transform societies and industries. The 5G technologyevolution is expected to enable new services, connecting new industries,various forms of devices, and empower new user experiences, to support expandedconnectivity needs for the next decade and beyond. We will soon see atransformation in the way we live due to 5G and I am glad that India is at theforefront of this change,” said,Ms. Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, Department ofTelecommunications.

COAI,recently launched the 5G India Forum, consisting of industry stakeholders. Thisforum will facilitate cooperation between government and industry in shapingthe strategic, commercial, and regulatory development of the 5G ecosystem inIndia.

“We areworking to ensure that Indian customers will experience 5G along with rest ofthe world. The new standards finalised by 3GPP and this meeting of experts willenable Indian telcos to transition to new technologies while ensuring that thedemands of various sectors is well met. COAI’s 5G India Forum and IF3 will continueto work together as the efforts to make 5G specifications for delivery ofservices across sectors including automobiles, agriculture, logistics, medicineand health gain momentum and the Telecom Service Providers come closer toproviding services across sectors which is vital to enable them achieve DigitalIndia.” Said RajanS Mathews, Director General, COAI.

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