Catalyst CEO Champions for Change Outperform the S&P 500 for Advancing Women Leadership

STAMFORD, CT, November 7, 2017: Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, is being recognized today by the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change initiative. Catalyst CEO Champions for Change is a collective of 50 high-profile CEOs who visibly support and drive diversity, inclusion and gender equality within their organizations to advance women into leadership roles. According to a progress report released today by Catalyst, using baseline data mined from all Catalyst Champion companies, findings show that the Catalyst Champion organizations, including Pitney Bowes, are outperforming their peers in the S&P 500 in all areas of women’s representation.

Pitney Bowes haspreviously earned the Catalyst Award for its diverse and inclusivepractices toward women who now represent 42% of its global workforce, 27% ofits senior management, 30% of direct reports to the CEO, and 36% of its Boardof Directors. “We commend Pitney Bowes along with the other Catalyst ChampionCEOs who represent a passionate group of change agents. They are already leadersand champions of gender equality and inclusion. Now they are taking boldaction, holding themselves publicly accountable for doing the right thing andinspiring all of us to do more,” says Deborah Gillis, President and CEO,Catalyst.


“Our commitment todiversity, inclusion, and open markets is the right thing to do, it’simperative for our business, and it is core to who Pitney Bowes has been fornearly 100 years,” said Marc Lautenbach, President and CEO of Pitney Bowes.“Our company has evolved and adapted throughout almost a century of change,guided by these unassailable truths. We will continue to be vigilant to ourvalues which are that we do the right thing the right way.”


Findings from thereport include:

·         CatalystChampion companies outperform their S&P 500 peers in advancing women at alllevels of the organization, specifically among board seats (29.0% CatalystChampion vs. 21.2% S&P 500), executive/senior-level positions (27.9%Catalyst Champion vs. 26.5% S&P 500) and first-/mid-level positions (38.4%Catalyst Champion vs. 36.9% S&P 500).

·         CatalystChampion companies outperform their S&P 500 peers in advancing women ofcolor at all levels of the organization, specifically among board seats (6.0%Catalyst Champion vs. 3.8% Fortune 500#m_2582942199336610425_m_-507790985734482645__ftn1" title="">[1]),executive/senior-level positions (5.2% Catalyst Champion vs. 4.7% S&P 500)and first-/mid-level positions (11.3% Catalyst Champion vs. 10.5% S&P 500).


To add context, evenwhat looks like relatively small progress in some cases can have a largeimpact. For example, Catalyst’s analysis shows that improving the total numberof women in leadership roles by 1% across all S&P 500 companies wouldresult in 12,000 more women in these roles. 

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