Celebrating awesomeness of Indian women on the International Women’s Day

Bangalore, 10 March, 2017: Gympik, an online fitness and gym aggregating platform, committed towards making fitness and wellness accessible to people from every nook and corner of the country, today organized a unique corporate event based on holistic wellness for women. To celebrate the awesomeness of women and empower them with the required armour to defend themselves, the company is hosting a series of Health Talks, Self-defense classes and Fitness Sessions between March 7 and March 10

As a partof this initiative, the online fitness discovery platform also hostedSoul-O-Fit a workshop focused on the basics of self-defense and functionaltraining in Bangalore. Nearly 300 people participated in the event on 22nd January. 

Speakingabout the initiative, Amaresh Ojha, the CEO and Founder of Gympik, says, “Considering the suddenness ofcrimes that take place every now and then against women, a fitter body and analert mind can be the strongest elements a woman can possess, and makeself-defense a natural reflex action. In many instances, victims can overpowerstronger attackers by learning proper self-defense techniques. It is more aboutoutwitting the attacker in a situation rather than just hurting him.” 

Gympik isorganizing events across 15 locations in cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai,Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Delhi. Events and workshops thatare being organized include Health Talks, Nutrition Talks, Zumba classes,Stress Management Talks, Self-defense sessions, nutrition counselling, groomingsessions and sessions on work and life balance.

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