Bengaluru, Together for peace, Respect, Safety and Dignity for all was the theme of the world peace day 2017. True to its theme the entire college gathered together to not only observe this day for mere formality but celebrated indeed with purpose, intend and also a bit of pomp and show.

The presence of Shri.John Devaraj, a civilengineer by training but multifaceted Bangalore based artist, photographer,painter, sculptor, author, play writer, actor, art director, choreographer andconsultant on one side and the other side, circle inspector of K.R.Puram PoliceStation Shri. Jayaraj N, made the function more meaningful and relevant. Thefunction was organized in the shuttle court where the students were seated inthe court with all the staff participating in the function in white dresssymbolizing the colour of peace. The function started with the long bell( inline with the United Nations celebration protocol) followed by one minute ofsilence to pay respect to the soldiers of peace who are still championing thecause of peace and those real soldiers who have died in the many wars of humanhistory. The students and all participants were given a peace wrist band to tieto each other’s hand symbolically to spread peace among all, and after whichall took the peace pledge. The guests and the principal Dr. H.C Ramana,released the hydrogen gas balloons into the high blue sky marking the beginningof the function.

Prof. Rajanna, sang the invocation song toinvoke the blessing of nature and god of peace. The circle inspector of Police,immediately addressed the gathering with his short, precise and purposivemessage of maintaining peace in families, friends, neighborhoods and in thecommunity in order to establish peace in the country and world at large. Healso spoke about how he himself tried to practice peaceful relations at his ownhome before addressing the student community. He also shared the alarming speedat which the crime rate in Bangalore city is increasing and spoiling the peaceof the society. The need for students to contribute and play a proactive rolein establishing and assisting police and society to bring peace.

John Devaraj spoke about the need to be awareof the forces perpetratingwar and to ignore the negative influence on thesociety. He invoked the students to support peace and look for positive forcesin life so that peace not war will be the future of the world. He called uponthe students to help him in the future peace campaigns and realize the dream ofestablishing a world peace museum. He also promised Lt. Patrick Rajkumar theNCC officer and coordinator of peace program, that his ambition of creatingpeace park in college campus will be made into reality soon. John Devaraj mesmerizedthe students with his multi-tasking music talents of playing instruments andsinging songs in multi languages. He said that peace has to be celebrated andhence need to be joyful, singing and spreading happiness.

To add to the already exuberant atmosphere theNCC army wing cadets performed group song and Kamsale, a folk dance. At the endof the programme ,the students took to selfies with the guest in the spree tospread messages of peace in face book and other social mediums. The entireprogramme was organized by the NCC Army wing ( Lt. Somya Sharma & Lt.Patrick Rajkumar) and the Red Cross Wing. Dr. Narayana, Coordinator of RCW wasthe back bone in funding and supporting ,without whom thefunction could not have been such a success. Special thanks to Dr. Yellapa, forrendering kannada Poem written by him for this occasion, Dr. Vijayakumar forhis introduction on international Peace day 2017, and  Dr. Thyagaraj for executing the peace pledge. Theentire atmosphere was filled with peace and harmony and the celebration ofworld peace days was indeed inspiring to all. 

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