Centum Learning bags HR Excellence Awards 2018

Chennai, 06 June 2018: Centum Learning, a leading global organization in the corporate training and skill development landscape, has been honored with two prestigious awards at the coveted ‘HR Excellence Awards 2018’ held in Mumbai, India on May 25, 2018.

CentumLearning has been awarded under two categories; ‘Leading Practices underDiversity and Inclusion Initiative' for their work in the deafcommunity through Centum Foundation’s Centum GRO Initiative. Centum Foundationhad established Centum GRO to skill the deaf youth in India. The secondaward is for ‘Leading Practices in Technology Deployment' whichsignifies Centum’s growth from a classroom oriented instruction model to ablended technology driven training organization. Centum’s practices to deploytechnology for the best possible benefit of employees and clients struck achord in the minds of the esteemed jury. 

The awardceremony witnessed jurors and panelists from esteemed organizationslike Future group, Suzlon Energy, Deutsche Bank, KPMG, Infosys,Ericsson and L&T Financial Services among others. 

On thisoccasion Sanjay Bahl, CEO, and MD, Centum Learning said, “Weare honored to receive these prestigious awards, reflecting the globalstate-of-the-art initiatives that we have undertaken to make Centum a leadingorganization in the training and learning sector.  We are committed tochanging/uplifting the face of L&D in India.’ 

The Jurywas especially impressed by Centum’s journey from a human-led to atechno-led organization and applauded the smart learning online platform –Centum LearnPro that was created providing anytime anywhere access to bothinternal employees as well as for trainings conducted for the clients ensuringhigh level of engagement and learning outcome.

For theother award category, the Jury lauded Centum on its inclusivity andaccessibility initiatives for the Deaf in India. Centum’s attempts tobridge thegap between PwDs & the rest of the world by providing skill trainingprograms for the physically challenged and enhancing their employabilityquotient were also acknowledged. Furthermore jury appreciated Centum forreaching out proactively to employers for placement opportunities to ensuretrainees’ financial independence while, on the other hand, mentoring Corporatesto let the PwDs work at par with their other employees.

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