Chaitanya Sharma a.k.a. SlowCheetah finds love in Isha Sanghvi on ‘Imperfect’ show

Mumbai, November 06, 2018: Popularly known as ‘SlowCheetah’, rapper, theatre artist and music composer, Chaitanya Sharma will be seen playing the role of a college hottie, Aditt Deo in The Zoom Studios’ recently released show ‘Imperfect’.

The first episode of ‘Imperfect’, which has garnered over 700k views in 3 days, introduced us to the protagonist Isha Sanghvi, who is devastated after she lost her job and her boyfriend. Her best friend urges her to move on by joining a dating app to find her dream guy. Isha comes across her old college friend Aditt on the app and they match instantly. Aditt is a quintessential college hottie who everyone in college had a crush on. Captain of the cricket team, Aditt is confident, flirtatious and popular amongst all. On the other hand, Isha is awkward and self-conscious.  Episode 2 will show the viewers what happens when two people with different personalities come together, will they create magic or end up in a disastrous date.

Talking about his role, Chaitanya Sharma a.k.a. SlowCheetah said “I had lot of fun playing the cameo role of Aditt who is an endearing character. Anand Tiwari who I call ‘dada’, offered me the role and I could not refuse him. Also, it’s written by one of my favourite writers, Tahira Nath, so I was thrilled to be a part of the show. It was so much fun shooting with this extremely talented cast and crew. I enjoyed being someone who is being flattered on a date. That doesn't happen too often in reality and that's why I love acting!”

‘Imperfect’, presented by Myntra, skin care partner Dr. Tvacha, lifestyle partner Philips Garment Steamer and Associate Partner GoPro, will air every Thursday, at 8:00 pm on The Zoom Studios’ YouTube Channel and zoOm styled by Myntra.

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