Change is constant and Service is forever: Chanakya Award Winner Kishore Joseph

Bengaluru 4th March 2017 Kishore Joseph, Founder -This Week Group of Online Media has won Chanakya Juries Special Award – Social Media for the year 2017 for outstanding contribution to the Profession, Industry and Society. Chanakya Award for National achievers Awards by PRCI greets the very spirit of social media and the potential it possesses by awarding Kishore Joseph.. This award not only honours the best social media initiatives for the empowerment of the inspired and marginalized sections but also brings social media experts and professionals from different varied industries on one platform to share their best practices and success stories with participants to inspire them.

The awards were presented by Mr.  Priyank Kharge, Minister for IT, BT Govt. of Karnataka, he also presented awards across various categories in the presence of over 400 guests including eminent business leaders.

#2B2B2B;border:none windowtext 1.0pt; mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0cm;padding:0cm">Since its inception in 1994 and under Kishore Joseph leadership, the paper grew steadily adding up local editions in prime areas of Bangalore, This Week Group of online news portal is one of India’s fastest growing online publications. It was started as a neighbourhood tabloid with no office, no grand plans, an empty purse, and solely on a Can-do attitude.


Kishore Joseph Work not only empowers of the inspired and marginalized sections but also brings social media experts and motivated stories from nine different cities on one platform to share their best practices and success stories with readers to inspire them.

As Founder and Editor , Kishore Joseph has developed and managed a team of employees, industry and partner contributors and published more than nine portals across India, which reach a monthly average of over 50,000 unique visitors and receive more than 10,000 page views.  Kishore Joseph’s community extends through our social channels, particularly Facebook and LinkedIn, which together amount to over 1,00,000 followers.

Social Media aficionados who are enthusiastic to gain insight from social media experts and willing to share their own ideas and practices contribute to This Week Group News Portal. The portal provides all the participants and attendees an opportunity to connect and become a part of social media experts’ network to gain a greater understanding of social and digital media uses as well as share their own best practices and experiences. Kishore Commented on the Winning “This award encourages media stakeholders, young journalists, activists, professionals, entrepreneurs, civil society, private stakeholders; social media network providers, social media stakeholders, and individuals to do better work”.

In its first expansion plan at the turn of the Millennium, all the local editions were merged together to bring out a city-wide edition called This Week Bangalore. Simultaneously, an online version of the tabloid, was also launched which is today one of the fastest growing online media in the country. #2B2B2B; border:none windowtext 1.0pt;mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0cm;padding:0cm">Today, it has winged ahead with ten multi-city online editions, to especially serve India’s cosmopolitan digital natives. This Week Group of Online News Portal, brings out the following edition Viz. #2B2B2B;border:none windowtext 1.0pt; mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0cm;padding:0cm">,,#337AB7;text-decoration: none;text-underline:none">, style="color:  #2B2B2B">  href="">,">#337AB7;text-decoration: none;text-underline:none">,,#337AB7">, href="">, #337AB7;text-decoration: none;text-underline:none">,  style="color:  #2B2B2B">  href="">,#337AB7;text-decoration:none;text-underline:none">, style=",">#2B2B2B">, / &;text-decoration:none;text-underline:none"> style="color: (">#2B2B2B"> ( Life Style News portal).

#2B2B2B;border:none windowtext 1.0pt; mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0cm;padding:0cm">Over the years, Kishore Joseph has been featured widely in national and regional media’s. Having earned his spurs as a media professional and an opinion maker Kishore Joseph has also lent his might to several NGOs guiding and mentoring their social welfare activities, at the national and international level.

This">#2B2B2B">This Week Group News portal aims tosynergise efforts and dialogues on social media and how it can become anefficient tool for real work and inspire others to utilise it in bringingpositive changes. To recognise, honour and encourage best social mediapractices. Kishore Joseph says “we try to provide a platform for the existing as well as upcoming social mediainitiatives. We build a tribe of followers through social media that growsorganically and contributes in overall development of the region”. 


style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0.0001pt; background-image: initial; background-position: initial; background-size: initial; background-repeat: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; vertical-align: baseline;">#2B2B2B;border:none windowtext 1.0pt;mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0cm;padding:0cm;font-weight:normal;mso-bidi-font-weight:bold">For his capabilities he has been awarded #2B2B2B">“ style="font-family:"Trebuchet MS","sans-serif";mso-bidi-font-family:Vani;border:none windowtext 1.0pt;mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0cm;padding:0cm;font-weight:normal;mso-bidi-font-weight:bold">Social Enterprise ofthe Year (Media & Entertainment)”. The 2015 Leaders Awards(Enterprise Edition) Conferred by 24MRC Network PrivateLimited New Delhi on 23rd January2016. Rex Karmaveer GlobalFellowship Award at an awards meet convened by iCONGO Rex InternationalConfederation of NGOs during March -2015 in Delhi. Thisaward under Social Entrepreneur category is given to ordinary people achievingsomething extraordinary in their life and Vocational Excellence Award convened byRotary Bangalore in 2009.

 “Meaningful content istruly the heart of how we engage as an industry and how citizens have learnedto embrace social media,” Kishore said about the award. “It’s great to watch asKishore grows into a social business and achieves goals higher than we had imagined. 

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