Chennai businesses brace for more rain

Chennai. 10th November, 2017. Last week, Chennai and its suburbs received 90% of monthly rains in just five days, causing extreme disruption to daily life, schools, public transport and businesses in the city. The water has receded and business life is slowly returning to normal in the severely affected areas. However, fears for more rain continue. In the 2015 deluge, the city’s losses were estimated to be US$16 billion, making it the year’s costliest natural disaster.

Whilenatural disasters can only be dealt after they occur, business disruption canbe avoided with quick, flexible workplace recovery. Mr Harsh Lambah, CountryManager, Regus Indiasaid, “Chennai has faced at least five major floodsthis century and the 2015 deluge was among those that most affected the cityand its businesses. Workplace options like Regus offer extremely quickworkplace recovery in case of any disaster, and with 10 well-placed locationsin Chennai alone, businesses have the option to choose cost-effective,convenient locations with no time lost for the business.” 

“The mainconcern for any business is that it must continue to function smoothly despitethe challenges it faces. Chennai is huge as an outsourced hub for global andnational businesses, and even a few days of disruption can have a huge impacton the image and continuity of the business. The Regus Workplace Recoveryprogramme allows affected businesses to continue without delay anddisruption,” MrLambah added.

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