Children celebrate Surakshabandhan with the nation’s first line of defense

National, 2nd August, 2017: India’s elite Border Security Force(BSF) at the International Attari – Wagha Border received a pleasant surprise from kids and their favorite toons Dora and Shiva from India’s leading kid’s entertainment franchise, Nickelodeon. The force that spends the entire year away from their families protecting the nation’s over 7000 kilometers land border had the kids along with the toons pay them a visit to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan in its true essence of “Surakshabandhan”. Festivity, Respect and selflessness was at full display as children along with the toons tied the symbolic Rakhi to the soldiers as prelude to iconic retreat ceremony, thus saluting their bravery, selflessness and relentless commitment to the country.

Rakshabandhanis one of the most celebrated festivals in the Indian sub-continent, marked tocelebrate and express gratitude to the guardians of the family. Bringingalive the true spirit of rakshabandhanNickelodeon, this yearcurated ‘Surakshabandhan’, a unique initiative celebrating the bravest heroesof the nation who guard the borders to ensure safety and security of each andevery citizen. As part of this initiative children along with theNicktoons infused energy at the border with their lively presence as theycelebrated Rakshabandhan by tying Rakhi’s on the fists of the soldiers. Addingto this, the children also joined Dora and Shiva to participate in the danceceremony prior to the retreat. Through this landmark initiative, Nickelodeonhas set out to create awareness amongst children and the youth about the forceslike the Border Security Forces and they contribution in helping the nationachieve its dreams while leading a safe and secure life with their families.

The BSFofficials were overwhelmed to witness children visiting them along with their favoritetoons Dora and Shiva for a special celebration. Addressing theinitiative by Nickelodeon, Mr. JS Oberoi, Deputy Inspector General (DIG),Amritsar said “We are extremely delighted with the thoughtfulinitiative that Nickelodeon has taken with Surakshabandhan. Our soldiers missout on spending time with their friends and families on festivals,Rakshabandhan being one. Having children take time out and celebrate thefestival of rakshabandhan with us has definitely been a heart-warmingexperience for all our soldier who have now been gifted some beautiful memoriesthat they will cherish this rakshabandhan. It is for the safe and secure futureof these children that we continue to tirelessly guard our borders. Beingrespected and acknowledged by children who are the future of this country willsurely add to our fervor of serving the nation and its people.”

Commentingon the association of celebrating Surakshabandhan, Business head – KidsEntertainmet Cluster, Viacom18;  Nina Elavia Jaipuria said“Nickelodeon has always nurtured andinculcated the right values amongst kids through its shows and initiatives.Through this unique and poignant initiative with the Border Security Forces, wehave endeavored to introduce children to real life superheroes who guard ourborders, while also thanking them for the unwavering commitment and braverytowards the nation.”

The eventtouched the hearts of each and every soldier at the border eagerly participatedin the celebrations. It was an eye-opener for the kids who drew inspirationfrom the true heroes of our country and realized their roles behind all ourwellbeing. Nickelodeon will continue spreading the awareness of ‘Suraksha’ inour lives this Rakshabandhan by celebrating and saluting more such protectorsand thanking them for making our lives safe and secure.

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