Children pledge to use helmets at ICICI Lombard’s ‘Drive Thru’ Rally

ICICI Lombard’s ‘Drive Thru’ rally that was organized today at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi provided children an exciting and fun way to learn about the importance of wearing helmets while riding on a two-wheeler. Similar rallies were organized in Pune and Mumbai as well. The rally in New Delhi was attended by more than 1,200 children who had come to the event with their parents. The ‘Drive Thru’ rally was organized as part of ICICI Lombard’s unique 'Ride to Safety' CSR initiative, which seeks to spread awareness about the importance of wearing helmets for child pillion riders.

Tomake it interesting for children, a special magic show was organized, as partof the program. The magician performed some cool tricks, all while informingthe children about the need to wear helmets. The children appeared quiteengrossed and could be seen attentive to what the magician had to say. Therewas also a rib-tickling mimicry show, wherein popular cartoon characters DonaldDuck and Rancho interacted with children and informed them about the merits ofhelmet use among child pillion riders. Their funny conversations made thechildren laugh out loud and respond with a thunderous applause.

Oneof the key dignitaries present at the event was RSS leader Indresh Kumar, whoconducted a fun, interactive session with the children on the topic of roadsafety. Indresh Kumar shared some entertaining stories with children as well asseveral tips and suggestions related to road safety. The children appearedquite enthusiastic, as Indresh Kumar asked them to take the pledge to followroad safety rules and regulations. During one of the conversations, all thechildren raised both their hands, as a confirmation to follow road safetyrules.

Afterthe children had their share of fun and learning, it was time to launch the‘Drive Thru’ rally. The rally was flagged off by Mr. NitinGadkari, HonorableUnion Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping and Mr.BhargavDasgupta, MD & CEO, ICICI Lombard. NitinGadkari interacted withchildren and their parents and shared with them some key statistics related toroad accidents. He also shared valuable information about how accidents can bereduced just by following a few simple road safety rules.

Themotivation for launching the unique 'Ride to Safety' CSR initiative came afterreports revealed some grim statistics about road accidents in the country.Around 20 children below 14 years of age lose their lives every day on Indianroads. The situation is acute for two-wheelers as nearly 25% of all roadaccidents in the country involve two-wheelers, the highest among all vehicles.Out of this, 7% involve children. As per a report released by the Ministry ofRoad Transport and Highways, 1,622 people lost their lives to deadly roadaccidents in Delhi in 2015, making it the 'Accident Capital' of India. ICICILombard conducted a research and found that the primary reason for suchaccidents were lack of awareness and non-adherence to the basic rule of safety— wearing a helmet. It prompted the company to launch the Ride to Safety CSRinitiative.

Speakingon the occasion, ICICI Lombard MD & CEO BhargavDasgupta said, “Ride toSafety campaign is part of our vision to contribute to the community at large.This unique CSR program emphasizes that children as pillion riders incorporatethe road safety habit of wearing a helmet from a young age. Our aim is to seeeach and every two wheeler riding child with a helmet. We have alreadydistributed 24,000 child-specific ISI-mark helmets to children. We arecommitted to this initiative and will be distributing 1,00,000 helmets in thenext 5 years to children riding two wheelers as pillion riders".

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