Chrysalis raises funding from Social Impact Investors Menterra and Artha

BENGALURU 21st June 2018: Menterra, a social impact focused venture capital fund, has announced a new investment in Chrysalis, incorporated as EZ Vidya Pvt. Ltd., a Chennai based educational reform organization. The Artha Initiative, an impact investment initiative associated with Rianta Capital, has co-invested alongside Menterra. This investment, Menterra’s fourth in the education sector, reiterates its focus on K-12 solutions that focuses on students and teachers to facilitate impact at scale.

Chrysalis’ flagship solution is ThinkRoom, achild-centric academic programme based on Human Potential framework, which hasbeen developed in-house through 16 years of intense pedagogic research. It aimsto help every school student to discover his or her potential while developingacademic excellence and replaces programmes and textbooks whose focus islimited to academic outcomes. Chrysalis’ ThinkRoom offers a comprehensivesolution to schools, including learning material with child focused curriculum,teacher assistant tools, student assessments and tech-enabled teaching and homelearning applications. 

In line with its goal of ‘Education for Humanpotential’ for every child, ThinkRoom, which currently caters to over 2,50,000students in 500+ schools spread across 11 Indian states, will be extending toAffordable Private Schools (APS), making it accessible to students across allincomes.

The amountraised will be used by Chrysalis to build on its research and development, andto strengthen its vision of bringing change in the education system -comprising of K-12 schools, which have 250 million children enrolled, of which100 million are in the private school segment.

“The challenges of delivering quality education arewell documented. We need organisations focused on the difficult trinity oflearning outcomes, sound economic fundamentals and impact on underprivilegedstudents. Chitra and team have built an outstanding organisation. They havedemonstrated an impressive ability to go deep as well as scale broadly whiledelivering this. We are delighted to partner with them and strengthen theirmission-driven approach of working with all students in all types of school,”says Maya Chandrasekaran, Education Lead at Menterra. 

Speaking about the alignment in vision, ChitraRavi, Founder and CEO, Chrysalis, said, “Our mission is to stand up for thechild, by reforming the Indian education system in a way that every childrealizes his/her human potential. Affordable Private schools constitute a largechunk of our school system, and we intend to reach out to every school in thissegment with an inspired resolution to make education for Human Potentialaccessible to every child. We are committed to this cause and we are gratefulto have found the right fit in Menterra & Artha both of whom have a visionto transform human lives using education as a medium.” 

Dr. Audrey Selian, Director - Artha Networks,says, “We are delighted to be part of this movement focused on reform in theeducation system to bring out the extraordinary human potential in every child.It’s a great learning opportunity as well for us to be able to partake in thejourney of a more mature enterprise with such traction; forging theirtrajectory ahead both operationally and from an investment standpoint will bevery exciting indeed.” 

About Chrysalis:

Chrysalis isa Chennai based educational reform organization that is committed to bring achange in the current education system. It’s flagship solution, ThinkRoom is anacademic programme for classrooms designed to bring out the Human Potential inevery child. Chrysalis is currently present in 11 states, in 500+ schools and~250,000 students.

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