CIEL HR offers employee benefits on a unique digital interface

January 10th2019 : Recruiting and Staffing Services company, CIEL HR Services has engaged in a partnership with BenefitHub to bring employee benefits to their employees at special discounts including financial, educational and other retail products and services, from the comfort of their smartphones and desktops through an all-inclusive, easy-to-use benefits platform.

Beside the statutory benefits, this program will help meet the daily needs of CIEL HR employees in a variety of ways. The company will provide this facility not only to its core employees on permanent payrolls, but also to more than 7000 employees on fixed-term contracts, spread across 60 locations and 22 states in India deputed to its clients.

CIEL HR, which was started in 2015 by the Founders of Ma Foi, continues its tradition of innovation, while creating value for all its stakeholders. Employees are at the heart of a HR Services company and CIEL HR is committed to improving the lives of its employees. Inspired by advances in technology and innovation in global markets, it has joined forces with BenefitHub to launch this unique initiative in India.

BenefitHub has built its digital platform with almost two decades of experience in providing employee benefits in the US markets. It has strong relationships with a wide variety of leading merchants covering a vast array of products and categories. There are already hundreds of merchants on the platform in India with more being added all the time. CIEL HR believes that its employees can save time, effort and money by using the platform in their daily lives to buy a wide variety of products and services.

The partnership initiative offers BenefitHub access to the growing market in India powered by CIEL HR’s wide distribution of employees throughout the country. On the occasion of the launch, Mr. Aditya

Narayan Mishra, Director and CEO of CIEL HR Services commented “We are delighted to introduce this unique benefit to all our employees, giving them a sense of pride and belonging in their employment with us. There are several issues on the minds of employees, such as work-life balance, financial

progress, accessible healthcare, and value for money, among others. This platform will address many of these in a significant manner. As BenefitHub expands its merchant base, our employees will have growing access to a broader array of products and services at discounted rates. We think, this initiative will make us an attractive employer, improve employee engagement and retention in the long term.”

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