Cigna TTK: One of the 100 Best Places to Work in India

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Cigna TTK ranked 96th on the list of 100 best places to work in India in 2018.

Effective and inclusive EVP is the cornerstone of corporate prosperity. Here’s a sneak peek into Cigna TTK’s success formula: 

Healthy Careers

Healthy Life

Healthy Returns

Healthy Culture

Mumbai based health insurance provider, Cigna TTK, established in 2012 as a joint venture between the global insurance giant Cigna and Indian conglomerate TTK.

Cigna TTK ranked 96th on the list of 100 best places to work in India in 2018. 

Making it to the elite list for the third consecutive year in a row, the company truly lives up to its vision of being the leading proponent of health and wellness across the nation. CEO, Prasun Sikdar, and Human Resource Officer, Reena Tyagi, alongside notable company dignitaries, acknowledged the feat as an outcome of the determination and hard work put forth by the employees. 

Cigna TTK identifies its holistic Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as the driving force behind its success – both as an employer as well as in terms of its customer offerings. EVP, in the literal sense of the acronym, is a benchmark of total offerings (salary, compensation and benefits) provided by an employer in exchange for the services rendered by a resource. It’s in accordance with the employer brand that EVP plays a governing role in a talent’s tenure in the organization. 

Work culture, often an ignored parameter in the long list of considerations, is central towards the building of a positive EVP for an organization.

And scripting the success story of Cigna TTK over the years is a simple four-point EVP that besides promising its employees commendable professional growth, offers the privilege of lavish compensations and a great work culture that reeks of positivity and harmony. As an organization that caters to the wellbeing of its clientele.

Cigna TTK ensures the complete physical well-being of its employees, thereby upholding its core business ethos of a healthy society.

 It's workplaces like Cigna TTK that encourage all employees across the hierarchy to stay motivated, helping them deliver their best every single day in the shared cause of growth and development. 

About Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between the U.S. based global health services leader, Cigna Corporation, and Indian conglomerate TTK Group. Cigna Corporation (NYSE: CI) maintains sales capability in 30 countries and jurisdictions and has more than 95 million customer relationships worldwide. TTK is widely recognized across India for its reputation for quality consumer products and services that spans across eight decades. 

Cigna TTK is a stand-alone health insurance company having a pan India presence, headquartered in Mumbai. Cigna TTK offers differentiated health insurance solutions including health and wellness programs that support customers in making lifestyle changes and managing chronic medical conditions. To learn more, visit

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