City once boasted of 800 lakes, has only 185 now. It is the duty of the people to save lakes

Many realtors promote lake view apartments but they don’t do much to save lakes, observed speakers who spoke on the occasion.

Hyderabad, June5, 2018.Live the Lakes an initiative of Society for Advancement of HumanEndeavour (SAHE)  has taken up tree plantation at the Lake Bund ofthe model a model Lake Restoration Project at Kudikunta Lake, MasjidBanda, Kondapur here in the city on the occasion of World Environment Day. 

It was takenup in association with GHMC, Pernod Ricard India Charitable Foundation,Jain Heritage School, Kondapur and ZPHS School in Kondapur.  

KalapanaRamesh, an activist on the initiative while addressing the gathering said thatHyderabad was home 800 lakes and most of them disappeared. Only 185 lakes arealive and kicking.  But, they are not in good condition. We have torevive them. Our lakes are dying and there is nothing we are doing about it,she said. 

If you havesufficient water for your daily needs you are rich.  If there is any3rd World War breaks, it will be over water, Kalpana Rameshinformed.  Nearly 28000 people live within the one kilometer radiusof the lake. If each one donates Rs 100/- for the lake restoration, it not onlysaves the lake, restores and beautifies it, Kalpana said.  

Many RealEstate Companies promote “Lake View Apartments”, but, they don’t come forwardto rescue lakes.  It is the time that they think about saving lakes,speakers who spoke on the occasion added. 

ViivekVerma, of the founders of SAHE said, “the water steams are supposed to chargethe lake with the rainwater have been cut off in the bling urbandevelopment.  On top of that, there is rampant pollution damaging thelakes.  SAHE’s Live the Lakes, in association with the Government ofTelangana, GHMC and Pernod Ricard India Charitable Foundation have structuredthe first ever Lake Protection committee that includes the Government, Citizensand Corporates working together for the common cause.  The resultsare truly encouraging he added.  

Some of theworks done were, “Improving the quality of the water”, “Bio-oxidation”, “SolarPowered Aerators were installed on a floating island will aerate the water withOxygen.  We have also improved the lake surroundings, Viivek Vermaadded. 

Students and200 volunteers of SAHE participated in the tree plantation drive. 

 Laterthey all assembled at the Jain Heritage Cambridge School at Kondapur to markand celebrate the World Environment Day---A day Goodness. 

Sevenstudents of Government School—ZPHS Kondapur performed at dance drama onRivers.  They include Shilpa, Anusha, Abhinaya, Kaveri, Sowmya,Jeevan all 8th and 9th ClassStudents.  The Dance Drama highlighted the importance ofrivers.  

The essenceof the dance drama on River was “Rivers carry water and nutrients toareas all around the earth. They play a very important part in the watercycle, acting as drainage channels for surface water. Rivers drain nearly75% of the earth's land surface. Rivers provide excellent habitat and food formany of the earth's organisms”. 

Rivers areimportant for the country's economy because water fromthe rivers is a basic natural resource essential for various humanactivities. ... The rivers provide water for irrigation. 2. Theyprovide fertility to the soil the song added.  

Later a filmmade by SAHE on how they have been working on the initiative “Live the Lakes”was shown.    

RenownedBharathanatyam Dancer Kiranmayee performed a contemporary dance on the journeyof water “Porous Earth”. Porous Eart, the Journey of a River, a thematicsolo dance was presented presentation by Kiranmayee Madupu based on an Englishpoem written by Tejdeep Kaur Menon, a senior Police officer. 

The journeyof a river portrayed through contemporary Bharatanatyam. The river originatesfrom the mountains and encounters mankind, various flora and fauna, pollutantsand social evils and finally merges to be one with the sea. Its captivatingjourney addresses various compelling issues of the society like water pollutionand women empowerment through its narrative. Set to an original music score,Kiranmayee Madupu performed her best with narration of the poem as part of thepresentation. 

SAHE is anot for profit organization founded with the intent of doing social impactactivities across Hyderabad. SAHE organizes events and one of our flagshipevents is TEDxHyderabad. SAHE also participates in social projects, encouragesentrepreneurship and helps to bring in accomplished experts/speakers who canempower and inspire for social impact.

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