Clove Dental achieves yet another landmark - launches 200th Clinic

Bangalore, 13th December 2017: Clove Dental, India’s largest dental chain promoted by Star Dental Centre Pvt. Ltd, today unveiled its 200th clinic in Jaya Nagar, Bangalore. In the first 4 years of Company’s history, 100 clinics were launched. In last twelve months company has opened an additional 100 clinics including 65 in Southern States of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Coastal AP. The growth story continues and Clove is on track to launch an additional 140 clinics in Southern India thereby operating 200+ clinics only in South India. Plans are to operate 70 clinics in Karnataka, 50 in Tamil Nadu, 70 in Andhra Pradesh and 20 in Coastal AP by March 2019. Company has invested Rs. 40 Cr and plans to invest an additional 70 Cr in the southern states in coming months.

Clove Dental is on track to own and operate 600+ clinics nationally over the next 3-4 years, therebybecoming one of top 5 dental chains in the World.  Company is opening 8-10clinics monthly, adding 30-40 new dentists every month to its current networkof 580 salaried Dentists who are all leaders in their fields. More than 75% ofClove Dentists have advanced degrees and are certified to do specialized dentaltreatments.  Speaking on the launch Mr. Amarinder Singh, CEO, Clove Dental, said, “Since our inception, we have been workingtowards redefining the Oral Health Care market in India by introducing patientsto technologically enabled dentistry. Our clinics across India adhere tostringent quality protocols and  4-step sterilization process. Patients’satisfaction is our top priority and we at Clove Dental never compromise on thequality of care. From a team of 12 employees and 1 clinic in 2011, we are todaya team of 1265 with 200 clinics across India. It is indeed a very proud momentfor us”.


Clove Dental is theonly player in the Oral Care space in the country who holds a membership of theprestigious Royal Society of Medicine, UK. Backed by advanced technologies, theClove clinics offer International Standards of Dental Care to the patients. Theentire range of treatments from routine fillings and RCTs to High-End Implantsand Maxillofacial Surgery are available with world class equipment andtechnology, supervised by specialists from Clove. Clove Dental is probably theonly dental chain in India with a dedicated Quality Management department. Every clinic is audited twice a month by a team of ‘QualityAssessors’. Clove has introduced transparent, ethical, patient friendlydelivery with focus on Global standards of hygiene, treatment protocols acrossall disciplines of Dentistry. Community dental outreach programs have beendeveloped to improve awareness towards Oral Hygiene and preventive Oral Care toensure other diseases linked to poor oral health like Diabetes, Heart ailments,Pre-term birth etc. are managed.


Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Vimal Arora PVSM, AVSM, VSM & Bar, Chief ClinicalOfficer, Clove Dental added “Today we have achieved yet another milestoneof 200th Clinic. We are fortunate to have treated more than 500,000 patients so far. Theresponse and the appreciation that we have received from our patients and thefraternity has been encouraging, and we will continue to introduce Indians tothe global best practices in Dental Care. We have training programs anddedicated Continuing Dental Education (CDE) programs at regular intervals toequip our doctors with better clinical practice skills.” Speaking on thelaunch Dr. Sekhar Chennupati – Head – Clove Dental, South said, “Organized healthcare is more advanced in South and we hope thepatients of the Southern states will be appreciative of our clinical excellenceand technologically advanced treatments and help us to grow preventivedentistry in these markets. Bangalore is a key market for us and through Clove,we aim to bring quality dental care closer to every resident in the city. Withthis new launch, we now have 21 clinics and hope to add many more in the daysto come.”


According to KenResearch, the India dental care services market will register double digitgrowth rate and will reach over INR 14,700 crore by FY’2020 due to growth inthe number of dental chains which would expand the share of organized dentalclinics in the country. Research Analyst at Ken Research suggests that thedomestic players need to focus on effective marketing strategies and shouldprovide attractive discounts to patients via loyalty points or exclusivediscounts. 

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