Clove Dental launches its 175th Dental Clinic in Madinaguda, Hyderabad

Chennai, September 7, 2017: Clove Dental, a Dental Chain promoted by Global Dental Services today announced the launch of its175th high-tech multi-specialty Dental Clinic in Madinaguda, Hyderabad. With this launch Clove Dental, the Largest Dental Care Chain in the country, has 200 leased clinics out of which 175 clinics are operational across 11 states. In South India, 43 clinics are currently operational. The 175th Clove Clinic was unveiled by Mr. Louis Shakinovsky, Chairman, Global Dental Services Limited. Also present on the occasion were Amar Singh, CEO, Clove Dental; Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Vimal Arora, Chief Clinical Officer, Clove Dental and Dr. Sekhar Chennupati – Head – Clove Dental South.

For thesubsequent phase, Clove Dental has set an ambitious target to launch 200 clinics in the next 2 years in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana,Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. With this, the number of clinics in Indiawill be 600 over next 3-4 years. The company has sofar made an investment of $25M andplans to invest another $25-30M, tillthey reach the 600-clinic target. 

Clove clinicin Madinaguda is a multi-specialty Dental Clinic that comes withworld class sterilization & with entire range of treatments from routineFillings and RCTs to high end treatments like implants and maxillofacialsurgery.

Speaking onthe launch Mr. Louis Shakinovsky,Chairman, Global Dental Services Limited (Parent Company of Clove Dental) said,“Oral health is not just about healthy whiteteeth and a beautiful smile. It reflects the overall health of an individual.However, people are often not aware about the larger implications of Oral Health.At Clove, we offer international quality Dental Care to all our patients &we also make them aware about the importance of Dental Care for overall health.It gives me great pleasure that people in India have appreciated our effortsand within a short span of 6 years we have become the Largest Dental Care Chainin the country.” 

Mr. Amar Singh, CEO, Clove Dental said, “Weare currently focusing on the southern states of Andhra, Telangana, Karnatakaand Tamil Nadu for growth and will have 200 clinics operational in these statesover the next 2 years. Since our inception, we have invested heavily oninfrastructure and ultra-modern equipment and built a team of highlyexperienced dentists to offer best quality Dental Care to our patients acrossIndia. Our efforts have been appreciated by discerning patients and we hope tobecome the preferred Dental Care provider in every neighborhood across Indiaover the next couple of years.” 

Clove Dentalis the only player in the Oral Care space in the country who holds a membershipof the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine, UK. Backed by advancedtechnologies the Clove clinics offer International Standards of Dental Care tothe patients. Clove has introduced transparent, ethical, patient friendlydelivery with focus on Global standards of sterilization, treatment protocolsacross all disciplines of Dentistry. Clove Dental plans to build communityawareness programs to improve appreciation towards Oral Hygiene and PreventiveOral Care to ensure other diseases linked to poor oral health like Diabetes,Heart ailments, Pre-term birth etc. are eliminated. 

Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Vimal Arora PVSM, AVM, VSM & Bar Chief ClinicalOfficer, Clove Dental added “Over the years Oral Health has been a matter of great concern. Being theLargest Dental Chain in the territory, it is quintessential for us to provideour patients with innovative and high-quality services offered by a team ofspecialists. We at Clove, have been working diligently towards providing theworld-class technologically enabled painless services to our patients. The teamof Dental Surgeons at Clove Dental are handpicked and regularly trained in thebest international practices in Dentistry.” 

Dr. Sekhar Chennupati – Head – Clove Dental South said, “With launch of 175th clinic in the city, wereiterate our commitment to bring quality Dental Care closer to every citydweller. We are confident that our patients across the state will benefitimmensely from state-of-the-art technology and high-quality dentistry offeredby Clove.” 

The World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2016 campaign encouraged people across the world torecognize that good oral health is not just about having a nice smile but hasan impact on their overall physical health and well-being. Through the campaignslogan ‘Healthy Mouth. Healthy Body.', people were motivated to learn abouttheir risk for oral disease and take necessary preventive action. In doing so,they became a part of the global movement making a commitment to prioritizetheir oral health.

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