Coffee Santhe 2019

Bangalore, January 09th,2019: The Women’s Coffee Alliance – India Chapter (WCA-I), formed in July 2012, comprises a small group of coffee enthusiasts whose goal is to enable women in the Indian coffee world, especially women plantation workers to be empowered and recognised for their immense contribution to the industry and to society. This alliance is affiliated to the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, USA.

‘Celebrations with Coffee’ – Wake up Bengaluru to aromatic coffee in its various forms during the long weekend of January 11th, 12th and 13th 2019 at Orion Mall @ Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar.

Orion Mall @ Brigade Gateway plays host to many year-round events that engage a wide range of audiences from youngsters and families to kids, making it the perfect wholesome destination for Coffee Santhe 2019. With a blissful setting beside a serene, 2-acre man-made lake, Orion Mall @ Brigade Gateway serves as the idyllic background to bring the whole community together, in one great space. Adding spark to the celebrations, a wide array of bright lights, colours and festive charm allow customers to soak-in the ambience and enjoy the celebrations at their own leisurely pace. Get ready for a long weekend of fun and exciting activities that the whole family will love.

With a refreshing range of diverse coffee flavours to experience, scrumptious food choices and new coffee-making skills to explore, Coffee Santhe 2019 is here to stimulate and aromatise your senses! This special 3-day coffee extravaganza includes specially-brewed coffees served by leading coffee houses and cafes, coffee desserts and pastries, coffee artifacts and accessories, coffee stems and plants to adorn your home, games to test your skills, along with prizes and art competitions for children to encourage their creativity. The award-winning food court at Orion Mall @ Brigade Gateway also serves up a delicious array of snacks, sweets and savories to satiate all your hunger needs.

Learn more about the art of brewing a perfect cup of coffee through different brewing equipment and varying technical parameters in coffee brewing. Gain insights into the trends in coffee consumption across different countries such as the U.S., Europe and Japan to better understand the market and consumer trends, along with today’s focus on specialty and single-origin coffees. T aste and appreciate coffees prepared using various brewing techniques by a technical expert from a leading brewing machine manufacturer in the U.K., to fully appreciate the nuances of the coffee beans, highlighted by variations in the brewing time, temperature and brewing methodology.

There will also be brand new coffee products launched during Coffee Santhe 2019, with the perfect pairing of food and pastries along with different blends and cups of coffee. While interactive traditional dances with locally-renowned dance troupes, live band music and live coffee paintings are sure to enthrall you and add to the celebratory atmosphere. There will also be a special yoga performance by a leading yoga expert in Bangalore titled ‘Coffee & Yoga – Stimulants To Good Health’.

Visit Coffee Santhe 2019 and be a part of the celebrations with coffee!  There’s something for everyone, with fun activities like the Art competition, where children create art and come up with creative taglines expressing the uses of coffee, sure to keep the kids engrossed.

For the 4thtime in coffee history – the Women Stars Brewing  Skills Championship 2019is being held on January 11th and 12thduring Coffee Santhe 2019. It is the first-of-its-kind championship in India, featuring women baristas from various cafes across India who will go head-to-head and put their coffee skills and knowledge to the test. They will be evaluated by an International jury of women from USA, Europe and Japan. Don’t miss out on the brewing skills of women from different parts of India, showcasing the art and science behind brewing the perfect cup of coffee on different brewing equipment. These women follow world-class brewing standards while preparing their coffees, highlighting the different brewing techniques of coffee and pairing the same with different fruits and foods.

The WCAI comprises women representatives of the various facets of the coffee value chain who are working towards the empowerment and education of underprivileged women. Coffee Santhe 2019 is 5th edition of this annual fundraising initiative organised by the WCAI to sustain and take forward various initiatives such as:

Nayan Tara: The education of girl children for women coffee plantation workers in the coffee growing regions of Bababudan, Chikmagalur, Coorg, Biligiris and Sakleshpur.

Su Prana: Health camps conducted in the coffee growing regions of India. These camps help in raising awareness and enhance the health of Indian women coffee plantation workers along with their girl children.

Kushal Maya: A comprehensive Medical Health Insurance Scheme for the families of girl children under the ‘Nayan Tara’ project.

AaHaar: Distribution of eggs as a protein supplement to the families of women coffee plantation workers.

Kou Shalya: Skill-building programmes for young women in coffee growing areas for development in sports, athletics, computer science and the English language.

Sam Raksha: An initiative for elder care.

All in all, Coffee Santhe 2019 is a great coffee event to stimulate your senses of sight, sound and smell. At the same time, it’s a weekend where you too can be a part of the movement to support women’s social causes.

Coffee Santhe2019 is the 5thedition of the WCA-I, with the 1sthaving been conducted on M.G. Road Boulevard, Bangalore in 2014, while the 2nd,3rd and 4theditions were held at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore. While the number of footfalls in 2014 was large, in subsequent years it was much larger, with the public actively participating in the Santhe and treating themselves to different flavours in a cup of coffee prepared on various brewing equipment, while also getting educated on the various aspects of coffee, including the art of making the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Santhe 2019 is expected to be ‘brewed bigger and better’ with not only larger footfalls than previous editions, but also a wider showcase of coffee varieties, coffees with a difference, educational sessions and much fun and frolic.

Go ahead, save the dates January 11th, 12th and 13th 2019 and join in the fun at Coffee Santhe2019, Orion Mall @ Brigade Gateway, from 10.00 AM to 9.00 PM every day.

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