Colourful I-Day fete at Audiah Govt High School

Hyderabad, August 15, 2017.Even as the nation is celebrating its 71st Independence Day, New Steps Foundation (NSF), in keeping with avowed bid to help the under-privileged sections, marked the country’s historic day by celebrating the occasion with children from Audiah Government High School at Old Botny School in Ranigunj, Secunderabd.

It waswonderful to see the boys and girls enjoy the events that were lined up. It wasmade merrier with the joyful manner celebrated actors Rajesh Khattar andVandana Sajnani Khattar interacted with the enthusiastic kids. Their inspirationaladvices were a highlight of the programme. 

Organised bythe popular Entrepreneur-Social Activist Kavita Jain and acclaimed GraphologistSamita Pandya, all those associated with NSF were around to keep the youngstersmotivated during the cultural programmes that was organised to mark the day. Itwas a tribute to the trainers at NSF that the children performed admirably andmade complete justice to the fortnight long training and rehearsal sessionsconducted for them. 

From thetime New Steps Foundation adopted Audiah Govt High School, it has beenconducting programmes for the kids every now and then. Their medical campsattracted massive response. Quite apparently, Independence Day is a big day forsuch fun and frolic. 

It was aproud moment and honour for the Foundation that socialites from diverse fieldsturned up. They along with the actors encouraged the youngsters to keepdreaming big and working towards achieving them.   

To make thefestivities more memorable, children were rewarded with impressive gifts andstationery material so that they could use them for academics. Entertainmentcame courtesy of Dr Ramyasri, who had the audience spellbound with some hermagic show. The students were also imparted basic self-defence techniques.Dance programs were another catch presentation. 

Meanwhile,in a noble gesture that is in keeping with the mission of New Steps Foundation,they responded to an SOS from two students of Audiah Government High School. Inwhat comes as a moving shocker, the students Revathi and Ramya have beendiagnosed with holes in their heart. 

On coming toknow of this, the Foundation has stepped in to come to their aid. Apart fromadopting the two on this Independence Day, the Foundation will take care of thesurgery and medical expenses that are likely to be incurred. 

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