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September 14, 2017, Bangalore. MarcaTel, a division of LaMarca Knowledge and Services Pvt. Ltd. which has a tie-up with Bluetown India (a wholly subsidiary of Denmark based Bluetown ApS, working in the field of WiFi technology) providing complete end-to-end solution for WiFi data connectivity across the country today announced their foray in Southern India in offering exciting Entrepreneur opportunities in the area of rural connectivity. This comes in the wake of company’s strategic efforts to offer never-before opportunities in the Wifi connectivity thereby empowering consumers to become entrepreneurs in the smart, affordable and high speed data connectivity in rural India.

Detailingout the current Wifi scenario in India Mr Narayanan Rajagopalan, President andChief Executive Officer, MarcaTel said, “There has been a paradigm change inthe Indian telecom sector coupled with Government of India’s liberal policiesthat has fueled competitive pricing and industry consolidation. As competitionis hotting up, the need to connect to the last mile at affordable prices hasbecome a major challenge. The India market is quite exciting which clearlydriven by strong adoption of data consumption on handheld devices. It isestimated that the total mobile services market revenue in India is expected totouch US$ 37 billion in 2017, registering a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)of 5.2 per cent between 2014 and 2017 (Source : Research firm IDC).“

“Withrapidly growing Smartphone user base with high speed, Global Internet Techcompanies such as Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. have already opted for Wi-Fiand public hotspots as a preferred route to deploy broadband networks WifiHotspots thereby making it an attractive proposition. However in India, most ofthe public Wi-Fi hotspots are venue-based deployments such as at airports andrailway stations (0.5%), hotels (41%) and shopping malls, restaurants, coffeeshops, and retail outlets (58%). The current size of Wi-Fi hotspots areinstalled in India stand at 31,000 and are poised to grow beyond 202,000 by2018. However, huge gap exists between India and global average as additional800,000 hotspots are needed to be deployed to match the current global averageof one public Wi-Fi hotspot per 150 people.”

“Lauding theSkill India, StartUp India and Digital India by Government of India MrRajagopalan said, “MarcaTel has been conceived with a single-minded philosophyon three key pillars: Empowerment making the WiFi network toreach the farthest corner of the country thereby allowing the common access toinformation which in turn allows him to take empowered decisions, Employment whichaims at generating employment at the rural level for maintenanceengineers, business associates and Field Engineers.across India where we hope to create about new Jobs and Entrepreneurship whichdistinguishes a new business model to fetch as low as 6 Lacs to start anenteprise of their own with a healthy ROI.”

“India withits vast and diversified market with stark social divides, a steady income iseveryone’s dream. MarcaTel is a unique opportunity to a cross-section of peopleviz. differently abled persons, widows and even veterans from Defence serviceswho can be self sufficient and lead a dignified life with self respect. Each ofthe owners of MarcaTel Wi-Fi Solution will be part of Digital India andcontribute to the National Growth while ensuring personal growth.”

“MarcaTelwants to be the social catalyst in ushering in a new rural India which makesthem self-reliant  To this end, we have a sound backingof our partner with Bluetown India who will provide complete end-to-endsolution for WiFi data connectivity across the country. We are driven to createWiFi hotspots by installing public WiFi towers which have range of about 1.5kms. Adding value and convenience, it will enable Internet access inURBAN,  SEMI-URBAN, RURAL and REMOTE areas. It’s a sustainable and canoperate 24/7 on grid power, solar panels and rechargeable batteries. Extremelyflexible and adapting to local infrastructure and connecting with the Internetthrough fiber, satellite or microwave, it is versatile in usage.”

Positionedas a game changer, we would like consumers to subscribe to the MarcaTel Networkand start getting the benefits of using data resource hungry applications likeWhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. MarcaTel using Bluetown technologywill establish localized public Wi Fi – hotspots that will enable the consumersto connect to World Wide Web. Our ultimate mission is to create value and anarray of entrepreneurs who will be the last mile service providers.”

“The pilotconducted recently at Paramathi Velur in rural Tamil Nadu which is installedand fully functioning has evoked huge response from consumers. We have investedUSD 110,000/- and are working diligently over last one year towards marketdevelopment.  We have set up our Regional office in Bangalore and havehired senior technology and marketing professionals. We are now embarking oncreating a large Franchisee Network of Micro Commerce

Entrepreneurs(MCE) who will invest in creating WiFi hotspots and thereafter sell rechargecoupons to the consumers. MarcaTel in association with Bluetown will beproviding technical know-how, commercial concepts and profit generatingmethodology to the MCE. Each MCE will also be provided 4 weeks training by theESSCIL (Electronics Sector Skill Council of India). Importantly, MarcaTelPublic Wi-Fi will build on three core deliverables viz Drive knowledge andsocial content to its consumers, provide a meaningful platform for commercialadvertising platform which will be precise and on target andhighlight the various welfare schemes related to development.”

Talkingabout recent orders, Mr Rajagopalan said, “We have already bagged first fourretail commercial order procured from Karnataka and we are in advance talkswith Governments of Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. We intend targeting states suchas Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telengana, Uttarakhand,Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal. With a strong focus on EducationalInstitutes, Private townships, Large Congregations, MarcaTel will be addressingretail segment in Semi – Urban and Rural India, it proposes to apply for allGovernment programs such as Digital India, Rural self employment, NationalSkill development program. We are also planning to tie up with Banks for smallscale funding.”

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