Conference to Transform Public Libraries

New Delhi, September 7: The Third edition of the India Public Libraries Conference organised by the Indian Public Library Movement (IPLM) and hosted by NASSCOM Foundation will run from 3-5 October at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road. Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of State for Tourism and Culture (Independent Charge), Government of India, will inaugurate the conference. Conference would witness participation of about 400 plus public library stakeholders. Including library practitioners, , library professionals, policy makers, planners, corporate, civil society as well as distinguished speakers from India and abroad along with students of Library and Information Sciences.

IndianPublic Library Movement is a multi-stakeholder initiative supported by the Billand Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Library Initiative, working towardsthe transformation of public libraries into vibrant and inclusive knowledgeinstitutions. Its annual event, Indian Public Library Conference is a platformto engage public library stakeholders across sectors in India and abroad todiscuss challenges, opportunities and innovations in the public library domain. 

MrShrikant Sinha, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation said, “Indian Public Library Movement is an initiativeclose to our hearts. The idea is to create thought-provoking discussion on thesituation of the Public Libraries in India and positively impact thesespaces through the knowledge of ground realities andinnovation. Public Library is a repository and source of and has thepotential to ensure that every Indian without discrimination has easy access tothe knowledge they seek.” 

Elaboratingon the theme of this year’s conference Dr Shubhangi Sharma, Executive Director,Indian Public Library Movement said, “The focus of this years’ conference is onreaching the unreached bridging the gap between rural and urban; virtual andreal; have’s and have-not’s as far as  the knowledge is concerned. Lasttwo conferences focused on envisioning the future for Public Libraries andinspiring and repositioning Public Libraries through technology, new content,services and programs. Keeping in view the recommendations of the 1st and2ndconferences, the 3rd IPLC is looking morespecifically into ways to work upon these towards creating a knowledgesociety.” 

Amongdetailed discussions at the conference will be a panel on PublicLibrary: Potential and Possibilities,understanding the work done globallyto develop a unified library system and the potential that public libraries asan institution present in transforming lives of the communities. Anothersession titled Current Status of Public Library Financing India, will presenta case for the enhancement of funding for public libraries so that they becomenew age knowledge institutions.  The session titled PublicLibraries as Agents for delivering Government Services will discussthe potential of public libraries in ensuring reach of government services andprograms to the marginalized, thereby helping the country to realize the visionof inclusion and equity. In an exclusive session, Policy Makers speakabout the initiatives needed at the policy level to transform theseinstitutions. 

Theconference will also witness workshops and capacity building for librarypractitioners on a variety of issues pertinent to the revitalization of publiclibrary space. 

The movementgrew out of the neglect of the Indian public library system in the recentdecades of rapid change in technology. Public Libraries have the vast potentialto make a substantive difference in the empowerment of India’s masses and inthe development of a better educated and informed citizenry.  

EventDetails: 3-5October 2017; Venue: India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. 

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