Consultation on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children

August 10, Bangalore: World Vision India along with Karnataka State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR) and Don Bosco organized a consultation on ending child sexual abuse and exploitation in India. The consultation took place at the Don Bosco Chamrajpat Auditorium, in Bangalore today. It included a panel discussion on the issue of child sexual abuse. The participants discussed the increasing number of child protection cases in the country and the need for robust prevention and action.

Thepanelists included Dr Kripa Amar Alva, Chairperson, Karnataka State Commissionfor Protection of Child Rights; Fr. Thomas Mathew, Executive Director, BOSCO-YUODAYA, Bangalore and Thabitha, Technical Specialist- Child Protection, WorldVision India. 

Speaking atthe event, Dr. Kripa Amar Alva. KSCPCR said, “Children arethe future of this country. They need to be aware of what their rights andresponsibilities, only if these two go hand in hand we can strengthen thesociety. That is why sexual abuse is something we need to discuss openly. So,we decided to have this consultation to openly discuss, debate and get thechildren’s perception of what they feel about child abuse. “ 

Fr.Thomas Mathew, Executive Director, BOSCO- YUODAYA, Bangalore said, “There are a lot of child sexualabuse cases reported on a daily basis. It’s a sad reality. Many of us onlydecide to do something when our child or someone known to us is abused. Asadults we have a responsibility and must stand up to address this issue.” 

Speaking atthe consultation, Mathai Kutty, Senior Manager, World Vision Indiasaid, ‘India’s statistics indicate prevalence of rampant child abuse.There is a need to address the issue and break the silence around this. Throughthis consultation, we will try to understand children’s perspective on childsexual abuse and draw up a plan to sensitize people on child protectionissues.” 

 About80 children drawn from different locations of Bengaluru participated in theconsultation. Children were given a platform to voice their concerns on childprotection issues. Based on the learning’s of this consultation, WorldVision will document and come up with an action plan which will be sharedduring the launch of a statewide campaign- “ It takes Karnataka to End ChildSexual Abuse’

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