Continental bets on Localization to strengthen its Commitment to Safe Mobility

Bangalore, January 18, 2018. Reiterating its commitment to localization in India, technology company Continental today inaugurated its new line for the production and assembly of Electronic Control Units (ECU) for two-wheeler and passenger car Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The new production line is part of its Bangalore Central Electronics Plant, Continental’s largest plant in India, catering to automotive OEMs across India. This strategic step towards “In the market, for the market” is also its next step in localizing ABS/ESC after system assembly started in Gurgaon last year.

Continentalhas been pursuing a long-term strategy globally towards “Vision Zero” – afuture with zero accidents – through innovations and ongoing improvement ofcomponents and systems making a decisive contribution to greater road safety.In view of its expertise in active and passive safety systems, the company seesitself as a key driver in reducing the number of traffic-related fatalities,injuries, and road accidents through a more widespread use of technologies.

Theimpending need of safety features in vehicles, driven primarily by governmentmandates, will see the ABS market in India growing exponentially in the nearterm. Continental is well-equipped to support this growth. In 2016 Continentalset up a line for localization of ABS assembly, besides ESC systems, at its existingplant in Gurgaon. ESC, although yet to be mandated in India, will be next stepto provide more comfort and safety to the driver, and will see an uptake in thenext five years. The production lines are also capable of producing ESC.Continental is localizing the entire value chain starting from marketing toR&D to design according to local customers’ requirements.

According toPrashanth Doreswamy, Market Head of Continental India and Managing Director,Continental Automotive, India, “We have been growing steadily in the Indianmarket, and will continue to increase our manufacturing capacity to cater tothe growing demand of the market. Localization is at the core of our strategyfor India, and we are fully equipped with solutions and technologies that aidsafe, efficient and intelligent mobility. Innovative technologies andintelligent systems are imperative for future mobility in which life isprotected and injuries are prevented.”

Says HaraldLichtinger, Head of Operations BU VED, Continental, “The pace of adoption ofsafety technologies has accelerated in India, thanks to the growing consumerawareness and a concerted effort by the industry and Government. Continentalhas successfully partnered with OEMs in other markets like Europe, Americas andChina, bringing down fatality rates and shaping automotive industry trends. Ourtechnology, expertise and production capabilities will support a similarmission in India. Our investment will also result in job opportunities throughdirect and indirect employment.”

With steadyinvestments, commitment to technological innovation and localization of thevalue chain, the company has been growing at a quick pace in India. Today, thetier 1 automotive supplier, tire manufacturer and industrial partner operatesacross India – with over 7000 employees across 15 locations, including eightplants that cater to the Indian market, and a Technical Center that supportsglobal R&D.

Continental develops pioneering technologies andservices for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods.Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent andaffordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In2017, Continental generated preliminary sales of around €44 billion and currentlyemploys more than 233.000 people in 56 countries.

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