CP Foods organized a special talk show on nutrition and healthy habits to the young generation

Bangalore, December 15th, 2016: High quality nutrition is vital for an active lifestyle which is what CP Foods has been believing over 90 years. CP Group Globally believes in three benefits of sustainability - “benefit to the country, benefit to people and benefit to the company”. With this event we are able to achieve all the three benefit as these lovely children are the future of the country and if these children leads a healthy lifestyle then the future of the country is also healthy.

India falling in the threat of obese, CP Foods took an extra mile to educate the children of Oakridge International School and Delhi Public School on the importance of “Healthy and Active Lifestyle”. This school event was inaugurated by Mr. Sran Rattanarungruengchai - Vice President, CP Foods India; MC Mary Kom - World Boxing Champion & CP Foods India's Brand Ambassador; Nutritionist - Dr. Sanmathi P Rao - Ayurveda entrepreneur, yoga instructor, writer and columnist and Ayurveda promoter. A special thanks to the schools and senior management of Oakridge - Mr. Nirav Rawell, School Director & Mr. Anandam Das – Principal and Delhi Public School - Ms. Manila Carvalho, East Principal. 

World Boxing Champion & CP Foods India's Brand Ambassador - MC Mary Kom touched the little hearts by sharing her life testimony and also emphasized on “never gave up” and positive attitude to strive the best out of life. She also demonstrated few easy exercise steps and boxing moves to the students. While Nutritionist Dr. Sanmathi P Rao educated the students about the healthy habits and right food. 

CP as a brand has observed and understood that children these days prefer unhealthy food which later effects their growth hormones and they fall sick easily due to insufficient nutrition and parents has to opt for supplements for their children to get proper nutrition. So the main purpose of these sessions was to educate and encourage the children about healthy habits and sow the seed of never give up attitude.  

Speaking about theevent Mr. Sran Rattanarungruengchai - Vice President, CP Foods India said,“CP as a fully integrated food manufacturer with operations ranging from feedproduction and animal husbandry to food processing and distribution under the'Feed to Fork' concept, the company implements stringent quality control measuresthroughout its supply chain, selecting only high quality raw materials to beprocessed using advanced production technologies while striving to adjust anddevelop cleaner and more efficient production processes. CP is committed toproviding products and services that are nutritious, tasty, safe, traceable andof high quality”. 

CP assure itscustomers of CP’s Certified Safety and Quality System, these include FSSAI,Hazard Analysis, ISO 22000, Critical Control Point (HACCP) and HALALCertifications. They also ensures high quality services to our customers withthe help of imported technologies such as:

Air Chilltechnology introduced for the time in India which is used for chilling thedressed chicken instead of screw chilling. Chilled air is used to reduces thetemperature of the chicken to 4◦C. The advantages of using Air Chill Technologyare the chicken meat is juicer and softer, longer shelve life and save from anycontamination

EnvironmentallyControlled Farming in which the temperature remains consistent round the clock,providing conducive environment to the boilers. In EC farming the bird uncagedas we rear them in an open room in very humane manner and human intervention isvery less and everything is computerized. So the birds live in stress-freeenvironment

Halalcertified - according to the Islamic Law the procedure that involves severingcarotid artery, jugular vein and windpipe of the live chicken in a singleswipe. The blood is then allowed to drain out of the carcass. Halal workersrecite the Halal Dua during severing the live chicken. Only trained Islamicbutchers are allowed to perform Halal and we are certified by JamiatUlama-e-Maharashtra – Halal committee Mumbai

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