Crime Branch to probe charges against ex-CEO of Bourn Hall

New Delhi, April 18, 2018: Gurugram-based Bourn Hall International India Pvt Ltd. (BHI), one of the leading providers of IVF Services in the Gurgaon-Delhi area, has accused its former CEO Gaurav Malhotra and ex director HR Sakshi Chawla, of causing its business serious reputational and financial harm.

The company has filed several criminal complaintswhich have been converted into a First Information Report, filed on February28, 2018 in Gurugram. 

According to the FIR filed by Bourn Hall, in 2015 theex-CEO started conspiring with a competitor to build a new IVF clinic whilestill contracted by BHI. Most of BHI’s key staff were induced to join the newclinic. An independent investigation resulted in the discovery of serioushistorical misbehaviour. There has also been diversion of BHIpatients to the newly established IVF clinic of the ex-CEO, through onlinemeans i.e. association of BHI’s clinic on Google Maps with the address of thecompetitor clinic. 

In 2017, the interim Group CEO of BHI started asignificant turnaround of the Gurgaon/Delhi clinic’s operations, to mitigatefurther losses. However, harmful acts against BHI have continued in frequencyand severity and left BHI with no option but to take formal action against theaccused persons. 

Finally, an F.I.R was registered against the ex-CEOGaurav Malhotra, ex-Director HR and Administration Sakshi Chawla and companiesof a competitor of BHI, where the two are now working, and investigations areunderway. Besides, BHI has accused Malhotra and Chawla of misappropriation of alarge amount of the company’s funds running intro crores of rupees. 

Owing to the seriousness of the offences and thedesign and mechanism adopted by the accused, the case has now beentransferred to be investigated by a Special Investigation Team of the StateCrime Branch for further investigation so that the accused can bebrought to justice and any other offences of the accused can be brought tolight.

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