Crio.Do launches unique experiential learning program online

February 19, 2020: Crio.Do, a pioneer in experiential learning for product development, announced a new program: Crio Launch, for pre-final and final year engineering students. The program focuses on enabling engineering students to gain real product development experience and learn relevant technical skills along the way.

Crio Launch is a completely free program that focuses on software engineering foundations. Students learn foundational concepts by actually applying them in building real software products. Crio Launch participants are handpicked for the program based on a multi-stage selection process. Each stage of the selection process evaluates a student’s appetite to learn and grow their future. Crio Launch has garnered interest from a large number of students in over 500 campuses across the country, making it one of the largest experiential learning programs for product development in India. Students graduating from Crio Launch stand the chance of bagging full or part scholarships to Crio Launch Plus. 

Launch Plus is Crio’s flagship career-accelerator program, where a student’s product development skills are elevated to the next level. Apart from product development skills gained through the “Learn by Doing” approach, students are encouraged to develop competencies like “independent problem-solving”, “product sense”, and “willingness to stretch out of one’s comfort zone” through real experiences in the program.

Mr. Rathinamurthy R, Co-Founder Crio.Do, said” Global developer market is around 20 to 25 million developers and this number is growing rapidly. India forms 1/5th of this market. There is a growing aspiration among developers to get into software product development, coupled with an increase in opportunities in this space. Our goal is to become the de-facto platform for any developer to pick up skills.”

Students who graduate from Launch Plus would be able to hit the floor running from day one in any high-paced, dynamic, product company. For tech companies, Crio Launch Plus graduates would be a unique pool of talented developers with the hunger to build technology and solve real customer problems.

Both, Crio Launch and Crio Launch Plus are extensive programs dedicated to foster a student’s product development skills in about 8-10 weeks. This requires 400-500 hours of a student’s commitment to meet the milestones set in each of the programs.

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Mr. Rathinamurthy R, Co-Founder Crio.Do, said “Technology-led business models and startups are transforming every industry, and high-quality product developers are going to be at the center of this transformation. Existing ways of nurturing talent through video-based learning and traditional universities are not making the cut. We believe developers need and deserve better ways to learn and shape the new world. Our platform empowers developers with work-like Micro-Experiences that help them build a demonstrable portfolio and showcase real skills”

Building a team of high-quality product developers has been one of the top challenges of entrepreneurs and technology leaders. Crio.Do helps companies discover great talent from an exclusive community of verified product developers and accelerate their growth journey.

About Crio.Do: Founded in 2018, Crio.Do is an experiential learning platform dedicated to product development skills. Crio's unique technology-platform and structured pedagogy, are meant to aid students with opportunities to experience work-like product development scenarios and gain relevant skills. Students are introduced to Learning by Doing on the job as they build real products whilst addressing real-world problems faced by developers working on such products.

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