CSR arm of SOBHA organises dowry-less social weddings in Palakkad, Kerala

Bengaluru, May 08, 2017: The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of SOBHA, Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust is continuing with its efforts to make a difference in the lives of people. On Saturday, May 6th it organised dowry-less social wedding ceremony at Palakkad in Kerala. The biannual ceremony, witnessed 21 couples tying the knot during first edition of this year’s social wedding.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. JC Sharma, VC& MD, Sobha Limited said, “We have always believed in contributingand adding value in the lives of people and society. Dowry-less social weddingis one of our key efforts towards bringing that transformation in the societyby setting the right precedent and promoting a dowry less society. Theinitiative is aimed towards offering a helping hand to the girls from underprivileged backgrounds and bring a paradigm shift in the way marriages arelooked at. It is a solemn affair and it should be conducted without greed anddowry. It will continue to set up right examples for the society.” 

The social weddings is an initiative started by SOBHAin 2003 which has been instrumental in supporting marriages of about 40 girlseach year with its incessant efforts to empower them and bring about a changein the social mindset. So far 550 girls have been married under this initiativeby the Trust. The beneficiaries are chosen from 7149 families from economicallyweaker sections of the adopted Vadakkenchery, Kizhakkenchery and Kannambra (newlyadded) panchayats in Palakkad district. The Trust takes thecomplete responsibility of the ceremony by providing pre-marriage counsellingto the girls and their parents and picks up entire wedding expenditure. TheTrust also ensures the prosperity of their married lives at regular intervalsby providing necessary support and guidance if needed. 

This year, the 17th edition of theceremony witnessed a magnificent gathering including MPs, MLAs, PanchayatPresidents, Political Party Leaders, Ex- Ministers, Trust Directors, relativesof brides and grooms, besides dignitaries from various walks of life, adding tothe celebrations at Sri Kurumba Kalyana Mandapam, Moolamcode in Palakkad, 

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