Danone India Consolidates leadership in Protein Portfolio with the launch of Protinex Bytes

Mumbai, 11th October 2017: Danone India, part of a leading global food company Danone,which has a mission ‘to bring health through food to as many people as possible’, today announced the launch of Protinex Bytes, a specially formulated protein rich, on-the-go nutrition snack for everyone with busy lifestyles. Consumers today are looking for convenient food supplements that provide adequate nutrition anywhere, anytime.

Commentingon the launch, Mr. Rodrigo Lima, Managing Director, Danone India said, “Proteindeficiency is a major concern in India with 80% daily Indian diets deficient inProtein.  To compound the problem,majority of the people (85%) believe that they are getting enough protein intheir diet. Our mission with Protinex has been to empower families to livefuller lives through optimal protein nutrition across stages of life.Thislaunch is a testimony of our continued focus on consumers and our commitment togrow the nutrition portfolio in India.Protinex Bytes marks a new chapter in thegrowth story of Protinex, presenting a much bigger opportunity for innovationand consumer engagement.”

SonjaiUppal, Director Research & Innovation added, “We strive to create productsthat are tailor-made for Indian consumers' nutritional needs, promoting healthyeating habits and meeting taste preferences through a systematic science-basedco-creation approach. Indianization of innovation is a must which we refer to asIndovation. Protinex Bytes is a completely new product format in our portfolio,manufactured using a novel technology.”

According toHimanshu Bakshi, Director Marketing “Today Protein consumption is limited tohome as Protinex powder is the only format available. Also, with changinglifestyles there are more snacking occasions in a day with most options beinghigh in fat and sugar but low in protein. Replacing these with Protinex Byteswhich is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and multigrains will be ahealthier and convenient option. With Bytes, our objective is to take Protinexconsumption out of home, making it more convenient and accessible for ourconsumers which helps themget closer to their daily protein requirementanytime, anywhere, on the go.”

ProtinexBytes has been launched nationally. It is available in Vanilla Flavour in twoSKUs of 100 gms and 200 gms for Rs. 145 and Rs. 280 respectively.

Protein isan essential nutrient at every life-stage. Inadequate intake of protein canlead to tiredness. fatigue and loss of muscle mass associated with aging.Indian diets are inadequate in protein and majority of the proteins areobtained from cereals which are not a source of good quality proteins. It isimportant to consume good quality protein throughout the day to meet theprotein requirements and activate body protein synthesis. The current formatsare available in powder form and are required to be mixed in milk. ProtinexBytes is a more convenient format of a food supplement which not only helpsmeet nutritional requirements but is also a tasty and healthy on-the-go snackoption. Five Protinex bytes provide more proteins (8g) than 1 glass of milk or1 egg (6g).

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