Data Driven Political Analysis and Strategy to be the ‘New Normal’

Bengaluru: Often, a politician is his or her own biggest enemy. Their perception, bias and ideology become blinkers or sometimes it is based on an incomplete understanding of the underlying nuances, and prevents them from seeing the world around in the manner otherwise required. It is no longer sensible to fight an electoral battle with a traditional mindset and dependence on few people whose self-preservation is detrimental to the politician.

Under thecontext, Karnataka Decides ( is a unique portal developed by MJSPR- A PR, Branding and Strategy Consulting firm which also specializes inoffering political analysis and strategy as a service to candidates andparties. The portal showcases unbiased political news and analyses day today matters, and provide corresponding context and strategy behind it. 

Thismodularity will help audience understand specific scenarios without bias andput things in right perspective. Political parties and candidates can look atthis as a platform which will help them contemplate on their own internalstrategies and decisions. “We saw the need to address a politician or apolitical party’s apparent lack of appreciation of fast changing politicallandscape and society, and create a mechanism that is more inclusive indeveloping a political strategy” said MJ Srikant, renowned Strategistand Founder CEO of MJSPR. 

Anotherunique facet of the portal is to capture and reflect the voice of peoplefrom Karnataka. The portal is driving polls on various macro and micro elementsof the socio-political ecosystem of Karnataka and its myriad layers. This willcapture categorical data from people, constituting opinions, issues,complaints, polarization factors and the overall state of affairs in Karnataka. 

Using theinsights developed through the portal and by understanding the ground levelsituations through physical surveys MJSPR will help political candidates andparties develop a coherent strategy and execution plan for the electioncampaign and also for the post election phase. 

Indicatingthe increasing prominence of Data, Srikant said, “The method of data drivenpolitical analysis and strategy formulation is going to be the new normal fordeveloping and implementing party level and candidate level campaigns.Integrating technology at the heart of it will soon be imperative.Through wewill pioneer this approach in India and later replicate similar models forother states across the country.”

 “Currently,we are in the process of initiating polls, experimenting with various datacapture possibilities through it and developing a method to authenticate thedata. By this yearend, will be a validationpoint and a catalyst for a Government By the People, Of the People and For thePeople,” added Srikant.

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