DBEL Studio launches its new designer lighting collection, “Dhahab” at India Design ID 2019

New Delhi, 12 February 2019: DBEL Studio, a luxury lighting brand, today announced the launch of its new collection, “Dhahab” at India Design ID 2019, the country’s most definitive design and home décor week. This thrilling and imaginative collection by DBEL Studio reflects the peerless design sense that perfectly blends classic influences with geometric shapes and has a contemporary and elegant feel to it. DBEL Studio also unveiled its “Lumoon” lighting Installation which represents a full cycle the phases of the moon signifies. Carefully crafted, this installation is a reminder of the strong influence this astronomical body has on us.

This comprehensive new lighting collection, Dhahab, offers a range of table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and a light screen which is a lighting installation that can be used as a partition between two spaces. This product line is made up of brass with clean cut design and bold forms.  Each piece in DBEL’s newest series delineates contemporary and modern classic look and offers a new kind of experience for those who love art and design and who wish to be inspired. The collection embodies the creative vision, innovative and cutting-edge design and promises to add a graceful style to modern décor.

The brand is founded by Ms. Dillraj L Bhatia, a lighting designer and a former architect. Talking about “Dhahab”, she said, “We draw inspiration from simple things. Simplicity has always been my preference as a designer and it gives me a sense of satisfaction. By simplicity, I mean straight lines, clean and modern designs. Today, we feel extremely delighted to bring our new collection, “Dhahab” which is an affluent miscellany of peculiar and exhilarating designs and adds a personality to space. This collection strives to achieve a minimal yet grand vision for any interior space.”

She further added, “Lumoon lighting installation is based on larger than life phenomenon of phases of the moon. It is a beautiful recreation of the same concept. In our future collection, we plan to draw inspiration from the moon’s form and its lighting effects.”

The pricing of the Dhahab collection starts from INR 8,000 and is available at DBEL Studio’s exclusive store in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

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