Delhi International Football League’s is back with a bang!

Delhi: If the right platform is given to right talent at the right time, there is no doubt that it will outshine. One such platform is Delhi International Football League which has given birth to many talented players like Diya Singh (age 16) who played in the years 2008-2013. She represented India U-17 twice at Dana Cup in Denmark.

Much to happiness ofthe young footballers, Delhi’s premier soccer league—DIFL is back with a bangwith its new season that will kick off from mid of October. Precisely, it willspan between second week of October 2017 and early February 2018 (approximately14 weeks of football madness). Well, after Cricket, one sport that is high onpopularity index in India is Football. In fact, it would not be wrong to callIndia as a soccer fanatic country and this can be gauged from the fact that itis a craze among Indian teens and pre-teens as well, thanks to access topopularity of FIFA World Cup, international media coverage of the sport andincreasing football merchandise. 


In such times, DIFL, a one-of-its-kind and 33-year-oldprivate league has been helping to nurture talent of the youngfootballers. It provides access to football coaching and organised footballmatches in a safe and supportive environment to both the local boys and girlsbetween the ages of 5 to 17 years in Delhi.  


DIFL was started in1983 by Peggy Sood, to provide a platform to football-loving children of theexpatriate community. However, it now boasts of more than 550 kids in morethan  40 teams which is managed, paid for and coached by parents ofchildren taking part in it.  What is unique about it is that DIFL issolely managed by parent volunteers local and expats. 


Diya’s motherproudly avers, “I think DIFL was a great learning experience for Diya. It gaveher a competitive edge. I was the manager for most of her teams. We enjoyedbeing part of DIFL family.”

Rajni Malhotra,Former DIFL Commissioner, says, "Having been associated for the last 15years with DIFL first as a parent, Sponsor, then Manager to Committee Memberand finally the Commissioner, I have seen this league evolve as a strongplatform encouraging football sport on a large scale. The DIFL’s uniqueparent-child combination has made it a pioneer in the field and has been astrong community channel to motivate and support football amongst children. Thecamaraderie and team spirit the league instills in its players is worth themention.”


Overall, DIFL is a soccer league that games for fun, bonhomie andexchanging cultures. Children of 45 nationalities come together and take homelessons in soccer, team building and constructive competition and make friendsfor life. 




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