Delhi’s first raw vegan café, Nut & Bowls

New Delhi, June 2019: Nut and Bowls is Delhi’s first raw vegan café and juice bar recently opened in Greater Kailash II in line with the founders’ mission of encouraging people to switch to veganism not only for maintaining optimum health, but also as an initiative against animal cruelty in the food industry. The cafe boasts of 100% raw vegan and cruelty-free food. In India where the awareness about veganism is comparatively low, Nut & Bowls initiates the “Go Vegan” movement by offering vegetarians and non-vegetarians a better and fitter alternative to junk and unhealthy food.

For the last few decades, the risks of lifestyle diseases are increasing at a galloping rate in India. It’s the sedentary lifestyle, binge eating, and market’s inclination towards western food that cause obesity, constipation, diabetes, stomach problem, skin issues, heart health, and other serious health issues. Both veg and non-veg diets are rich in fats, sugars, carbs, refined starches, and salts which make the body weaker from inside and vulnerable to diseases. Moreover, most of the deleterious ingredients used in making such exotic food are derived from animals. Dairy products and meat whose consumption is always on the rise are produced from animals who are tortured to death.

On the other hand, vegan diet is full of proteins, vitamins, and all essential nutrients that a human body requires. And what makes vegan food and lifestyle more recommended is that it is strictly based on anti-cruelty, that is, no animal is harmed or tortured. But, the biggest challenge to the adoption of veganism lifestyle is not having access to 100% raw and organic vegan food. Nut &

Bowls resolves the issue by forming its own line of vegan products that includes Vegan granola, Raw tella, Bliss Balls etc., that is available at the cafe and soon will be launched in the market.

Also, it breaks the common myth that vegan platter is dull and boring as it offers quite

Scrumptious plant-based staples. No preservatives and additives are added to the food because everything is prepared fresh every other day. Also, they make their own Almond Mylk and Coconut Mylk.

The anti-carnivore café is a perfect retreat for die-hard vegans as the food as well as interior reflects the vegan ideals and efforts to create a sustainable future. The straws are made up of bamboo in the cafe and take away straws are biodegradable that help reduces carbon footprints.

On the concept of Nut & Bowls, the co-founders, Nikkhil Joshi and Mayank Gahlot elaborated, “Today, people are more inclined towards eating anything and everything that satisfies their taste buds, including meat and dairy, and consider eating vegetables and fruits boring. Indeed, it was a challenge for us to create a menu that is healthy and tasteful that truly delights their taste buds. We started from scratch to develop recipes and after research and experimentation, we finalized exclusive menu and recipes for Nut & Bowls, which are gaining massive popularity amongst everyone.”

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