Delivering Healthcare at people’s doorstep possible by 2022, say experts

New Delhi, May 17, 2018: Ayushman Bharat Healthcare Summit (ABHS) was organised on 16th May at Taj Diplomatic Enclave. The summit brought together all the stakeholders of Ayushman Bharat Program (ABP) like Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Niti Aayog, State Governments like UP to deliberate upon design and implementation of ABP. Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare was the Chief Guest on the occasion, while Sidharth Nath Singh (Health Minister, UP) was the Guest of Honour.

Hon’ble Sh. Ashwini Kumar Choubey firmlyassures “Ayushman Bharat is a people’smovement. It is through mass participation that we can make it successful andmass participation can only follow mass awareness.  In this context,what you are doing here today is important. We have to get everyone together onthis and achieve the goal of a healthy, strong, empowered Bharat – AyushmanBharat”.

Ayushman Bharat scheme will reach out to benefit over10 crore families or nearly 60 crore people with a government funded healthinsurance cover of INR 5lakhs per person. This is touted to be the world’slargest government health insurance program.

Stressing on the need for Summits like ABHS, Swadeep Srivastava, Founding Partnerand CBO India Virtual Hospital (IVH) said “AyushmanBharat is poised to transform healthcare delivery in the country. This massiveundertaking will be successful only with active participation of people fromall walks of life. We at IVH and Business World believe that this can beachieved by creating conversations around this program which is exactly why wehave assembled here today”.

All participating experts agreed that the success ofthis program depends on mass participation and spreading awareness about itwould help take discussions out of conference halls into drawing rooms.

“AyushmanBharat is a comprehensive health and wellness mission. We do intend to providefinancial protection for hospitalised patients through this but more than thatwe want it to be a mass movement at the primary healthcare level that will helpIndia reap the rewards of its rich demographic dividend”, said DrVinod K Paul, Member, Niti Aayog.

Dwelling onthe specifics of Ayushman Bharat, Dr Paul pointed out that beneficiaries wouldbe automatically enrolled under the scheme based on SECC data (Socio EconomicCast Census). The beneficiaries would also be able to avail portability underthe scheme and would be treated anywhere in the country with their home statepaying for it.

Commentingon the occasion, Mr Sidharth Nath Singh, Minister of Health, Government ofUttar Pradesh said, “Ayushman Bharat is a dream come true for health ministers acrossthe country. It will certainly help us address imbalances at the primary andsecondary healthcare levels. In fact, this scheme will go a long way in helpingus realise our intent of delivering healthcare to the remotest corners of thestate through more than 140 CHCs that we have recently set up under the PPPmodel.

The Summitis likely to come up with reliable, sustainable, accessible, and affordabledesigns, models and policies to implement ABP and bring quality healthcare atthe door-step of every Indian by 2022.

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