Deluxe India Adds 3D Thrills to the Latest Hollywood Hit Avengers: Infinity War

Bengaluru – 25th May 2018 – Avengers: Infinity War has already crossed the 500-million-dollar mark at US Box Office and US$ 1-Billion in Global Box Office receipts, while becoming India’s highest grossing (Rs. 200 Crores plus) Hollywood film. But what most people don’t know is that this dazzling movie has a strong India connection as well.

Applaudedfor its breathtaking visual effects and storytelling full of vivid characters,the film showcases some stunning 3D imagery, and that’s where the Indiaconnection comes alive. The stereo conversion (or what is commonly known as 2Dto 3D) of Avengers: Infinity War was undertaken in Pune, where more than 800artists were involved along with production staff, editorial team and allsupport teams of Deluxe India.

“As the lead3D team, we completed 110 minutes of this movie, which took approximately 5months to finish. We worked in concert with Deluxe’s Stereo D teams in Burbankand Toronto which was an added advantage in creating a timely finish on thismemorable project,” says Tanmoy Gupta, Creative Supervisor at Deluxe IndiaPune.

 “Stereoconversion involves three major steps which are Rotoscopy, Depth and Paintwhich successfully creates the overall 3D effect while maintaining naturalshape of the characters without distorting their original look,” said Gupta.

The filmreunites a battalion of Marvel superheroes including Iron Man, Doctor Strange,Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk and Spider-Man etc.,who come together to save the universe from the powerful Thanos.

“Facing ademanding production schedule, our teams worked hard together, led by Marvel’ssenior 3D team headed by Evan Jacobs and John Goldsmith, along with ourBurbank-based stereographer Emma Webb, who knew exactly what the clientexpected from us and made certain we delivered.”

PrafullGade, Managing Director of Deluxe India says, “Stereo conversion involves a lotof skilled manpower including Supervisors, Leads, Production Coordinators andArtists, etc. Many departments  must work in sync to generate thegorgeous imagery that our clients have come to expect from us. The artists hereare the frontline and they are the ones who initiate the process of conversion.They are assisted by the Supervisors, Leads, and Production Coordinators as theprogression of each team’s work contributes to the 3D imagery on over 150thousand frames of footage.”

“It callsfor an extra-ordinary team work where thousands of artists sitting on oppositeends of the earth are coordinating with each other on a single project. Ourteams have daily online sessions receiving live feeds to review our work withthe client and stereographers, which provides a direct link with the client’sspecifications for the project,” added Gade.

“Our briefwas for a specific look and feel beyond simply cinematic. They wanted thesuperheroes to be overstated, and look natural but really powerful,” saysGupta.

“DeluxeIndia is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and have had the privilegeto work on some of the best Hollywood movies. The company prides itself on itsfocus on career development, while providing opportunities to work on movieslike: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story; Blade Runner 2049; Black Panther; Avengers:Infinity War; among many others. Feature stereography, vfx, and animation areall great professional paths to follow and we provide those services and more,”said Gade “We’ve been especially proud to see young talent grow and flourish inthis exciting new environment as part of Deluxe – a worldwide brand that hasserved the entertainment industry for over 100 years.”

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