Demonetization? Opt for Cashless Medical Care with Medi Assist

Bangalore, December 2, 2016. Medi Assist, a managed care organization, is helping millions of Indians ease the burden of managing medical expenses by making them cashless. The recent demonetization of high value notes, and the ongoing currency crunch in urban and rural areas alike, has left many Indian families worried about their immediate and imminent medical spend.

Medi Assist is making it possible for members to conveniently schedule their preferred medical service online using their MediBuddy mobile app and, importantly, availing all services covered under their health benefits policy in a cashless format.  

Healthcare is a recurring, and expensive, need for every family. For such expenses, one usually transacts with notes of higher denomination; and the demonetization has left many an Indian family in a difficult situation temporarily. 

“With access to our pan-Indian network of over 6000 hospitals, Medi Assist members can conveniently opt for cashless hospitalization at their preferred city, at their preferred network hospital and with a doctor of their choice. And they can do so using just their MediBuddy mobile app, from the comfort of their home, and opting for an eCashless hospitalization,” says Satish Gidugu, COO, Medi Assist. The company also allows members to schedule doctor consults, health checks, home healthcare, medicines and more on MediBuddy Infiniti, a curated network for cashless outpatient services. All services covered under a health insurance policy or corporate health benefits program can be made completely cashless for the member.  

Cashless care is the most efficient manner to utilize healthbenefits. Not only does it empower policy holders to enjoy green channeladmission with minimal out of pocket expenditure, it also allows them to reducetheir overall cost of care by leveraging the preferred tariffs enabled by TPAsat network hospitals.

“We have been evangelizing cashless hospitalization forseveral years now, and recent efforts of the government provide a fillip to ourefforts. There is no better time than now to usher in the era of cashlesshealthcare in the country,” adds Satish. 

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