Develop such literature in country which will impact masses: Prof. Sudheesh Pachauri

Patna : In Patna book fair, during Dainik Jagran initiative ‘Hindi hai hum’, Jagran Vartalap was organized in which renowned writer and former chancellor of Delhi University Prof. Sudheesh Pachauri was chief speaker who spoke on the topic ‘Popular Vs Serious Literature.’

Aneesh Ankurmoderated the session and further discussed with Prof. Sudheesh Pachauri on thetopic. Elaborating on the subject Prof. Pachauri said, “Popularity of everyliterature increases with time”. He further said, develop such literature whichwill impact the entire mass, not just the few people. He said as the time ischanging, writers must write something which will entertain their readers. Nowa days readers have many options to entertain themselves, given the situation,why would readers read your writings?

Whileexplaining about the popularity of literature Prof. Pachauri discussed aboutBhakti era and emphasized that Bhakti is also a full package of comedy. This isthe reason why, serials like Ramayan and Mahabharata were so popular in ourneighboring countries.

Commentingon Serious Literature Prof. Pachauri said, Tulsidas had created so manycompositions but what happened, his last moments were so painful. Karl Marxalso said that religion is heartless world soul. Evergreen writers likeNagarjun, Renu and Dinkar were actually very popular because their writingscontains pain of the general public. Nagarjun wrote lots of poems on IndiraGandhi but it never created problem for him. Prof. Pachauri said 80 crore ofpopulation knows hindi, out of which all poets live in Delhi. Now you onlyfigure out how many composition can be written according to this scenario.Writers been awarded before the publication of their work. If popularity isyour thing then you have to write like a necklace for the readers.

JagranVartalap was well attended by eminent personalities of the city  and sawthe presence of writer and journalist Anant vijay, poetess Nivedita Jha, IG ofCISF Mr. I.C. Pandey, film critic Vinod Anupam, and writer Ratnesh.

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