Dialysis leader Nephroplus strengthens its presence in Maharashtra

Maharashtra, 29th May, 2018: NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis centre network and a pioneer in redefining dialysis care in India today announced its aggressive expansion plans in Maharashtra. NephroPlus launched their 1st center in Thane, associating with Meera NX Hospital on 23rd May, 2018. This is NephroPlus’s 16th center in Maharashtra and has now marked 140+ centres in India spreading across 18 states & 85 cities.

The centre will also offer unparalleledfacilities like online real-time dialysis monitoring, proprietary clinicalprotocols, TV and WiFi for each guest ensuring utmost comfort during theirsession. Further, NephroPlus’s Quality Team regularly keeps track ofthe haemoglobin levels, Dialysis Adequacy etc. of all the guests andalerts the Nephrologist in case of action

required and ensures timely corrections. Apart fromthese NephroPlus is the only dialysis provider in the country that hasintroduced “Buttonhole Needles” for painless cannulation.  

Mr. Ajit Singh Ailsinghani (Dadaji), SocialWorker, Chief Guest said, ”Driven by aguest-centric (at NephroPlus all patients are called guests) approach,NephroPlus strives to encourage people on dialysis to lead lives as close tonormal as possible, by enabling them to work, travel and have fun. “ 

Commentingon the opening, Mr. Ravee Diksshit, Vice President, Operations,NephroPlus said, “We are proud to partner with a reputed hospital like Meera NXHospital.  We are confident that the association will provide much-neededrelief and will make quality dialysis accessible to the people on dialysis inand around the city of Thane & Mumbai. 

“Our goal isto redefine dialysis care in India. We are expanding our network at a fastpace. We plan to open 50 to 60 centers across the country within thisyear” added Mr. Ravee Diksshit. 

Elaboratingon the association, Dr. Gautam Ganvir & Dr. Deepika Ganvir Directors, Meera NX Hospital “Weare extremely delighted to be partnering with NephroPlus which is known for itsworld-class service in the area of dialysis care. We are confident that, withNephroPlus’s expertise, global standards and guest centric approach, we will bebetter equipped to address the needs of people on dialysis in the region andimprove the health care delivery system in the region as well.” 

Adding to the above Dr. Nitin Bhosale,Nephrologist, NephroPlus Dialysis Units said,” The unit is equippedwith world class facilities and experienced professionals. The new dialysiscentres at Meera NX Hospital will address theaccessibility and affordability issues that have been plaguing the people ondialysis in the region.” 

The centre was launched also in the presence ofesteemed members of the hospital management, Dr. Ashraf Akhtar Memon - CEO andDr. Rahnuma Ehteshamuddin - COO, Meera NX Hospital. 

In additionto offering quality treatment, NephroPlus also motivates guests to lead anormal life through initiatives like support group meetings and events. Theseprograms provide guests a platform to share their experiences, overcome theirinhibitions and boosts their confidence in life. It recently conducted theIndian Dialysis Olympiad, India’s first ever sporting event for people ondialysis along with a unique dialysis patient bike expedition, correcting thefalse perception among the public-at-large that those on dialysis can only leadsedentary lives.

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