Gurugram: The boards’ exams are coming and fear of not doing well in exams is causing anxiety among students. It is important for students to be in a calm state of mind and to deal with any emotion that may be causing distress, during examination. To address the feelings and concerns of students and to help them manage their emotions schools are holding counseling sessions and exam-related stress management workshops. While the class 12 CBSE board examinations will start February 15 and conclude April 3, the class 10 board examination will commence February 21 and end March 29.

Blue Bells Public School, Sector 10, has created interactive modules to ensure that students are effectively able to communicate their concerns. “Based on research into problem areas, we have prepared an interactive module for the students. These modules help students identify the signs and symptoms of stress. Further, they are given inputs on time management and concentration improving exercises,” said Dr Alka Saxena, deputy director (health & wellness) Blue Bells Group of Schools.

"These sessions included a brief about signs and symptoms of stress so that one can identify stress along with some internal and external factors that may lead to stress during examinations. The students understood the three learning styles that were shared with them, which were: Word smart, Picture smart and Number smart and in order to improve students’ concentration span, a few concentration exercises were also conducted," added Dr Saxena.

“We keep conducting workshops throughout the year to ease pressure on students, but closer to the boards, these are held more rigorously. Ahead of the boards, we tell them how they should divide the syllabus into chunks and study. We also have art therapy which teaches students to use their free time creatively. Sessions focusing on their diet are also conducted,” said Ruchika Bhardwaj, counselor, Suncity School, Sector 54.

"Fear of failure to do well in studies is causing anxiety among students which has substantial negative effects on their academic and social success. The emphasis is so much so on the better grades that students forget the fun element in learning. Besides that lack of preparation by students, poor time management, not so effective learning style, less motivation and insufficient information can result in making the situation more stressful and negative." said Chandan Dhawan, Principal of Blue Bells model school, Sector-04.

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