Dive into The Finest Indulgence of Summer 2019 by Magnum!

13th March 2019: Hazelnut… An indulgent flavour that does nothing but make the experience of Belgian Chocolate rich. The aroma, texture, taste of the fragrant nut deliciously intensifies the classic Belgian chocolate flavour of Magnum and how! Moulded into a bar of pure hazelnut-flavoured decadence, the brand is delighted to announce the launch of the new Magnum Hazelnut Ice Cream across the country. Get ready to savour a tantalising journey for your taste buds, brought to you by Magnum.

Picture this: Velvety hazelnut ice cream dipped in rich Belgian chocolate and coated with caramelised crunchy hazelnut pieces, for an indulgence that simply wows your palate. Sounds absolutely tempting, doesn’t it? Satiate that irresistible ice cream craving with the new Magnum Hazelnut Ice Cream and be captivated with every magical bite of this perfect indulgence.


Speaking about the national launch of the Hazelnut variant, Magnum spokesperson Himanshu Kanwar said, “Decadence at its finest, the New Magnum Hazelnut Ice Cream is a delectable blend of Hazelnut-flavoured ice cream, Belgian Chocolate and crunchy Hazelnuts. Setting the trend with rich Belgian chocolate in the market, Magnum takes great pride in being the pioneer for exotic and indulgent flavours to treat every chocolate ice cream lover. We aim to create exquisite experiences for pleasure seekers and the new Magnum Hazelnut Ice Cream is another example of that journey. Delivering delectable luxury through a variety of Belgian Chocolate ice creams is the very essence of Magnum.”


The irresistible new variant, Magnum Hazelnut is available across stores in India for INR 90.


It’s time to indulge in a bar of pure decadence. What are you waiting for?Buy Now

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