Doctors perform Live Knee Surgery using KNE3WIZ technology at Digital Orthopedic Technology

Hyderabad, March 9, 2020: Renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Manish Shah performed live knee surgery using his patented KNE3WIZ technology at the Digital Orthopedic Technology workshop in Ahmedabad today.

The live surgery was performed at the Digital OrthopedicTechnology Workshop 2020 (DOT 2020) conducted by SEA (Surgeon EducationAcademy) at Ahmedabad a first of its kind workshop focusing on the evolution ofKnee Arthroplasty. 

Speaking about this feat the inventor of KNE3WIZ technology Dr.Manish Shah said, “The KNE3WIZ technology is a highly accurate Total KneeReplacement (TKR) surgery process that builds on all the previous existingtechnologies to create an augmented system that assesses each use caseindividually and offers unparalleled precision solution. The product overcomesall the problems faced by conventional and modern TKR surgeries like PatientSpecific Instrumentation Surgery, Robotic Surgery as well as Computer AssistedSurgery while saving a significant amount of time as well as money.” 

Attended by over 150 orthopedic and joint replacementsurgeons around the country, DOT2020 is India’s first hands-on-workshop withindividualized training for bone registration with digital devices. Theworkshop also included personal workstations for the attending delegates toreceive firsthand training on 3D planning for efficient knee replacements inaddition to covering the basic tenets of Total Knee Replacement (TKR). Theparticipants also learned to plan and procure 3D printed solutions for TKR. 

Post workshop the visiting surgeons were shown the livesurgery performed by Dr. Manish Shah and his team using the veryinnovative Kne3Wiz tool developed by Dr. Shah.  Kne3Wiz hasbeen designed as fully surgeon dependent system where once the CT scan getsloaded, the surgeon registers anatomical landmarks, aligns the prosthetic knee,chooses the implant design and finalizes its position. The surgeon then usesthe Kne3wiz jig to recreate his or her operative plan with precision, savingboth time and money. 

Speaking about the DOT2020 Dr. Rakesh Rajput, Sr.Joint Replacement Surgeon and Convener of the conference said “The DigitalOrthopedic Technology Workshop was the first of its kind with a keen focus onKnee Arthroplasty. The Conference was a must for Orthopedic Surgeons,Orthopedic Trainees (Fellows) and Teaching Faculty from the OrthopedicDepartment as they gained a clear understanding of various technologicaladvances in TKR today. Modern technology has crossed thresholds and made rapidadvances in the field of knee arthroplasty. From simple 2D vinyl templates toaugmented 3D templating, from early computer navigation, to cutting-edge 3Dprinted patient specific instrument guides and robotics. It has been amonumental shift, and for surgeons, it is imperative to distinguish between agenuine technological advancement and an all-out marketing blitz.” 

Mr. Ketan Jajal who has over twenty years of experiencein medical device innovation and has more than ten patents to this nameincluding a few for surgical robotics, further added, “ Be it oldfashioned computer navigation or the most recent robotic bone mapping, achievingprecise bone registrations using the digital device is the cornerstone ofsuccess for any technology driven surgery assist system. In that order, webring you India’s first hands-on-workshop with individualized training for boneregistration with digital devices.” 

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