Doing Little Things with Great Love for the Least and Lost

Bangalore, December 3rd, 2016: St. Marths’s Hospital held its annual Christmas Fete at the Hospital on December 3rd. This is an endeavor where the hospital management and employees come together to help raise funds for the Poor Patients Fund.

The fete was open to the public and had stalls of food (donated by participants), games and handicrafts. There was also an exhibition and sale of products from the ministries of the Good Shepherd Convent from Sandanapalya and Wayanad, as well as from the home for single mothers. 

St Martha’s Hospital is on a consultative position with the United Nations on Sustainable Development. Good health is a part of the agenda and so all the work done is with this goal in mind. Internationally, the world is working towards the Elimination of Violence against Women. The idea is to “orange the world”, in solidarity. The fete was an effort by the Good Shepherd Mission to show its support to the cause, from India. 

For people coming in, not only did they have fun, but they were also able to talk to the sisters and find out how they could help in all of their charity activities. The fete was basically a showcase of the hospital, a facilitation of interaction between the staff and people and all the activities of the Good Shepherd Mission. 

Sister Superior, the Sr. Teresa Mandakath , St.Martha’s Hospital and coordinator of the Christmas Fete said, “The theme forthe fete this time was doing little things with great love. Everyone joinedhands, doing their bit and doing it with great love. This is something you seerarely – usually people are invited from outside to set up stalls, but hereevery stall was set up by the hospital and its staff. Everyone came together asa family to do their bit to help the poor”. 

Speaking on the fete, J.M. Johnson the Director of St.Martha’s Hospital said, “We mainly work with the least and the lost andparticularly for the woman and child. 

This fete will help raise funds for the Poor Patients Fundand help us to reach out to more people who are in need”.

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