Donate and make a difference to the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children

March 14, 2020:Miracle Foundation India, a fully-licensed Section 25 non-profit organization, has announced its initiative to help orphaned and vulnerable children living in children’s homes with the necessary support for their health, nutrition and overall wellbeing. Through this initiative, the organization aims to raise funds to provide adequate food and the right educational resources to as many children as possible, ensuring the highest standards of quality needed for their growth and development.

Donors can avail tax exemption benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act while filing for their tax returns. Therefore, this initiative has bi-lateral benefits: the donors are not just providing children with nutritious food and the necessary support for their education – but are also aiding themselves through tax benefits.

Donors can make a difference

Miracle Foundation was founded in the year 2000 by Caroline Boudreaux, who visited a children’s home during a trip to India. Now in its 20th year, the organization has worked with close to 300 homes in India, bringing life-changing care to more than 15,000 orphaned and vulnerable children. Since its inception, the organization has tirelessly worked towards improving the conditions at children’s homes and uplifting the standards of childcare delivery, thereby empowering children to reach their full potential. Since January 2018, the NGO has focused on helping children transition out of institutions and reuniting them with their birth families, or placing them within alternative family-based care.

While they await transition, the organization ensures support for every child for their schooling as well as higher education, vocational training and scholarships. Education is a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty, empowering children to realize their full potential and transition into adulthood for gainful employment. Additionally, as per a UNICEF report, malnutrition is the cause of 69% deaths among children below 5 years in India. Such alarming statistics only paint a part of the picture, where, in addition to a loving family environment and a good education, the health and nutrition of these children need immediate attention.

This year, Miracle Foundation India aims to raise funds to support nutrition, education and overall development for 100 children over the course of one year. With its nutrition program, the organization ensures that all children are given four balanced meals per day, including green leafy vegetables, fruits, proteins and milk; and an evening snack. Through its systematic framework built for the education of children under its care, in addition to academic subjects, Miracle Foundation India focuses on life skills education, leadership training. This is also facilitated through aptitude tests and career counselling, and ensures that each child can hone their skills and truly become productive citizens of the world.

To do their part, donors can start from as little as INR 111, which would take care of the cost of a child’s care for a day. A donation amount of INR 3329 can help fulfill one child’s education, nutrition and health needs for the whole month, while an individual donation of INR 39946 can take care of one child for a year. Therefore, even by donating a small amount, a donor can help contribute to the cause and bring about a positive change in the lives of 100s of children.

Speaking on the initiative, Nivedita Das Gupta, India Country Head, Miracle Foundation India said, “Every child deserves a loving, safe family environment, however, there are millions of children whose harsh realities deprive them of one. At the Miracle Foundation, we work towards transitioning every child into such an environment while ensuring that their overall health, wellbeing and education are taken care of while they are living under the care of CCIs. We take special measures to ensure the right nutrition to aid their growth and development. Here, the contributions we receive from our donors helps us, together, achieve this at scale – empowering each child to lead a healthy, happy, and successful life.”

About Miracle Foundation India -Miracle Foundation is an international nonprofit that supports orphans to have a better quality of life while bringing about sustainable change that reduces the need for CCI’s.

For the past 20 years, the organization has improved the lives of more than 15,000 children and impacted close to 300 orphanages. Our proven Thrive Scale methodology is based on the UN Rights of the Child and leverages data and technology to ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children reach their full potential.  

Miracle Foundation is part of a global network of non-profit organizations leading the worldwide movement to end the need for CCI’s by 2040. 

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