Don’t blame ‘circumstances’, you are the product of your own ‘decision’: Dr A Ashok

Hyderabad, December 01, 2018. Career Utsav, a two day career guidance fair for Class 12 students to explore 120 different career options kicked off here in the city at Le Palau’s Royal at Gymkhana Grounds, Secunderabad.

Dr A Ashok, Secretary & Commissioner, Board of Intermediate Education and Amazing, “Google Boy”, Kautilya Pandit the 10years old boy who defied his age and has exceptional knowledge on most most complex subjects and Sripal Jain, Founder and CEO of K2 Learning, the organisation behind Career Utsav graced the inaugural function.

Addressing the two halls packed with 8000 students Dr. A.Ashok said nearly ten lakh students study intermediate. MPC and BPC are the two streams preferred by many. Unfortunately not many prefer CEC(Commerce economics and Civics), HEC(History, Economic and Civics)and MEC(Maths, Economics and Civics). Why should parents take career decision/s for their children. 

You take your own but informed decisions. 10+2 is the stepping stone for your future. It lays foundation for your future. Follow your heart. Don’t blame ‘circumstances’, you are the product of your own ‘decision’, Dr A Ashok, Secretary & Commissioner, Board of Intermediate Education tells 10+2 students at Career Utsav. 

He told that parents need orientation. They must encourage their kids to take their independent decisions.  Do not impose ideas on them, he told many who were in the audience. Trust their instincts, their decision power he told them. Future belongs to those who prepare today he told students. Power is now. Now or Never, he told and concluded.  

Kautilya Pandit, who is now studying 7th Class at Gurgaon was the centre of attraction for the 8000 plus crowd at the two day Career Utsav, which will conclude on Sunday evening. 

Child Sensation, “Google Boy”, Kautilya Pandit accepted open challenge from his audience at“Career Utsav” to ask him anything. He showed his exceptional knowledge on most most complex subjects.

Speaking on how to maximise power your mind later, The Google Boy, what’s to become a Space Scientist said everyone can learn from any one. Your brain has all the power. The brain's memory storage capacity is around 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes). You train your brain. I read a lot, i read newspapers. I listen carefully. There are many resources to learn news things he told. 

I am a curious in knowing things. I prefer visiting museums, historical places, monuments, spiritual places, shared Kautilya Pandit. 

He is acting in a serial “Chalukya Neeti”, the shooting of which is will begin soon at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. The producer of the serial is from Tamil Nadu. Google Boy is playing a role of “Chanukya” in the serial

This is my second visit to Hyderabad and I would like to explore some good tourist important places. I have visited Charminar. I heard a lot about Hyderabadi Biryani and I would like to try it out for my lunch. 

The boys speaks with a little bit western accent. When I asked how he picked it up he says, not I haven’t picked up. This is my original accent.  

If given a chance or invited he would like to walk into Google office in Hyderabad as Hyderabad is the only city which has base for Google in India. 

I am a normal child in school. I am good at Chess, Football and others, he says.

Google Boys, Kautilya Pandit was accompanied by his father Satish Sharma, who is a teacher. 

I adore Dr. Abdul Kalam a lot and I met him. He is my role model he says.

I want to become a Space scientist. I met BL Chawla, father of Sunitha Williams, the astronaut the boy informed.

The boy gave answers to audience with lot of maturity and much of their surprise. There was a long queue and continuous chase for selfie with the boy 

Speaking about elections in Telangana, the you g boy said it is your right. Go out and  Vote. If you don’t vote, you have no right to question later. The vote is your power for good ruling he added. 

The Career Utsav was organised by K2 Learning. 

The boy from Haryana who defied his age and challenged many experts on the complex and wide variety of subjects is invited to grace a two day “Career Utsav” currently underway at Le Palace Royal, Near Gymkhana Ground Hyderabad, informed Sripal Jain of K2 Learning. 

This child prodigy has the general details of 210 countries on his fingers. This miracle boy inspired young students to aim big and aim at something that they are passionate about.

The Career Utsav is a single platform for 12 pass outs or about to be passed out to explore, compare, discover career paths of their choice far away from routine and mundane choices such as Engineering and Medical. 

10+2 is the most critical phase of students life. It is the most confusing period to choose career path after it. Parents, peers pressure one side, confusing and distorting communication from institutions, over flow of information, pressure to choose conventional courses by friends on the other side, students are totally confused informed Sripal Jain.

The aim of this three city national Career Utsav, according to Sripal Jain is to break that stereo type career paths the Engineering and Medicine is only the life. And educate students, especially parents about innumerable career options and provide a common platform to address questions that have not been answered yet. 

15000 students are expected to take part i. Two days. SRM, Gitam, ICFAI and 40 such premier educational institutes participated

In one word, Sripal says, Career Utsav will help 16/17years old boys and girls craft their future and help them take informed and very conscious decision so that they won’t repent later or need not jump their career. 

Eighteen workshops and seminars are being organised concurrently to equip students and their parents with such an ammunition that they take wise and informed decision based on facts, realities, dreams and aspirations.

Free Psychometric Assessment & Counseling tests, Mock tests are conducted

For more information, please visit www.

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