Just like a roller-coaster ride, Vidya Balan’s journey has been one that’s filled with a whole lot of ups and downs, but packed with much courage and endeavour. Putting her best foot forward in every new venture of hers, the actress has, time and again, proved to the world that she is no less than any of her male counterparts. The stylish diva, who can carry any film on her shoulders with much flamboyance and believes in the power of womanhood, will be seen in an engaging discussion with talented actress Taapsee Pannu around ‘Breaking the glass ceiling’ on 92.7 BIG FM’s show Muthoot Blue ‘Dhun Badalke Toh Dekho with Vidya Balan’ presented by Muthoot Fincorp.

When asked by Vidya if there is really a glass ceiling, Taapsee replied, “Yes, it’s very much there. Fingers have been raised on those who have broken the glass ceiling. They get to hear it often that she must have done something or used some strategy. There are cracks which have started appearing and it will break certainly. Women don't have to back out. Most importantly, we must support each other. Most of the times what I end up seeing is that a lot of women start questioning each other's potential instead of helping each other out, because we are in the same boat in a lot of ways. I am not saying just go out of the way and support them. Don't pull down others because of your own selfish interests. We are on the same side and fighting the same battle. So we must all try to join hands together.”

Adding further to the conversation, Vidya shared a valuable piece of advice with the women that instead of getting de-motivated by statements, like women are emotional and family oriented, they should see the situation in a positive light and use that emotional and nurturing attitude for their own development.

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