Don’t waste time on make reports wont hundreds of pages, instead work: NGT to State Government

19 May 2017, Bengaluru: Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) today in a report to NGT said that 76 out of 97 industries around Bellandur have been closed and the Tribunal asked Mr. Aditya Sondhi, Additional Advocate General for the state of Karnataka as to whether these polluting industries around Bellandur Lake have actually been closed down?

Tribunaltoday directed the Joint Investigation Team - KSPCB, BDA and BWSSB to ask allthe industries to install Effluent Treatment Plants. If industries do notcomply within reasonable time, disconnect their electricity and water supplyand seal the polluting industries. The Tribunal also asked the electricity andwater supply of the apartments and residential complexes around Bellandur laketo be cut if they don’t install Sewage Treatment Plants in a reasonable timeframe given to them. 

As per thedirections by the Tribunal, State / KSPCB should collect samples from theexisting STPs and get the same inspected by Indian Institute of Science,Bengaluru. 

Tribunal hasdirected the State to report to it:

·         Exactmeasure of each drain, its quantum and quality in all 17 inlets of Bellandurlake.

·         Actualdetails about level of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and other capacities ofSTPs as per the parameters prescribed by CPCB.

·         Numberof buildings, apartments, complexes located in Bellandur Lake vicinity.

·         PollutingIndustries shut down or sealed pursuant to today's order.

·         Completerecord of waste (both MSW and C&D) extracted from Bellandur Lake. 

VBalasubramanian said,“It’s a good thing that NGT has directed the state government to submit areport drain, STPs, Buildings/Apartments and industries. The state Governmenthas been pushing this stating they would need more time and this would makethem to take quick actions. This order should not be limited to Bellandur lakebecause as per Justice NK Patil’s report there are 189 lakes in Bengaluru andthis order should be implemented to all the lakes.” 

NSMukunda, FoundingPresident, Citizens’ Action Forum said, “NGT is very clear that the governmentshould stop working on report and start working to clean up the lakes. TheGovernment should come out with a Master Plan for all the lakes in Bengaluruand conduct surveys to fix boundaries of lakes as well as its buffer zones sothat there are encroachments and also, declare the area as the heritage land. Ipersonally feel that the interconnection of the lakes should be restored andBWSSB should take actions on stopping the flow of sewage into the lakes.” 

PrakashBelawadi, CivicActivist said, “Its good that NGT has given some strict and specific directionsto the State Government, but my only worry is that it is not the industries orthe apartments that are polluting the Bellandur lake. BWSSB should stop theflow of sewage into the lake and the flow of sewage into Bellandur lake is nota local issue but a systemic issue because it is the sewage from other parts ofBengaluru that is flowing into the lake. Unless BWSSB takes necessary step totreat sewage this issue will not be resolved.”

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