Doreswamy Highlights pressing Civic Issues & calls on the Government to meet RWAs

Bengaluru’s citizens and RWAs have been working tirelessly to save Bengaluru. However, despite numerous letters and complaints to the Government and Police Stations or Petitions to the High Court and Lokayukta there has been no improvement in the situation in Bengaluru.

The Government had earlier promised to remove encroachments from the lake beds and storm water drains but nothing has been done regarding this. Similarly, residential areas are no longer safe due to rampant commercialization. Worse still, the persistent garbage problem is due to corruption within the system. There is no doubt that the Government is aware of the issues but has chosen to turn a blind eye to it. I have also heard that elected representatives have joined hands with the garbage mafia and are making money. Many municipal officials and engineers are also involved in this, this is like a cash cow for them and hence they are not interested in resolving this issue. As long as the elected representatives and BBMP officials are involved in the money shearing, the problems will never be solved.

I along with United Bengaluru had written a letter to Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister highlighting issues such as Lakes, Commercialisation in Residential Areas, Formation of Ward Committees, Reconstitution of MPC etc. In that letter we had requested them to give us an opportunity to meet and explain the issues in detail and find a solution to the same. 

However, they have passed that letter to Additional Chief Secretary, Urban Development Department to reply to the letter. It is unfair for the CM to forward our letter to the ACS and ask us to follow up with him on the issue. We as citizens  are not looking for a reply but a solution to all the issues that we highlighted.

The Chief Minister must meet with us and find solutions for all the issues, Citizens have to be part of the governance process and find solutions along with the Government.

Meanwhile, I urge all the RWAs, NGOs, Federations and Citizens who are independently fighting to Save Bengaluru to join hands with me and United Bengaluru so that we can put joint fight to save our proud city.

By Shri. H S Doreswamy, Senior Freedom Fighter

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