Dr. Dog Hospital, a special hospital for dogs has unique facilities on par with human hospital

Hyderabad, November 01, 2017……PETEX INDIA 2017, the India’s largest Pet Expo, an exhibition for Pets & Dogs will be held at Hitex on November 11th and 12th for two days. Disclosing this addressing a press conference here in the city Srinivas Kavali of HItex said it will be the biggest Dog Show in the country. It brings together Pet Owners, Pet Care Products, Pet Food and Pet Accessories. It will have a Pet Expo, Hycan Championship Dog Show, and International Cat Show. It is expected to attract 50,000 visitors and will have 200 plus stalls. Some of the top brands that are associated include Pedigree, Drools, Venkeys Pet, Royal Canine, Tradeindia.com, dogspot.in, Farmina, Orijin, Smart Heart, Himayalaya, Vet Manking, Zydus and Virbac.

According to Philip Butt, HonorarySecretary the top and rare dog breeds that will be showcased include: CaneCorsa, Pointer, Dog Argentino, Bichon Frise, Mattese, Poodle, St Bernard. 500+ Dogs of 60+ breeds & 100+ Cats ofvarious breeds will be available and there will be a Live display of ExoticBirds and Fish & Aquaria, Truebred Horses and Rabbits, informed Philip. Dr.Subhash Babu, President of The Hyderabad Canine Club, it is jointly hosted bythem and Hitex. According to him,the Expo provides an opportunity to show pet lovers and enthusiasts getconnected and engaged as a community and explore the wide range of latestinnovative products and services. The expo will bring together pets, petowners, pet care products  and services, pet food, and petentertainment at one place.


TheHighlights of the two day expo is it will have 200+ Exhibitors – Pet Food,Accessories, Medicare, Breeders and Training showcasing their products andservices. For the first time in India, Mondioring Sports will be demonstratedat a Dog Show. Mondioring is considered to be the most difficult dog sport.Commando Kennels, who have been demonstrating dog sports across India since1995, will be introducing this sport at Pedigree HyCan 17. Another highlight isthe Dogs’ sports demonstration of Agility, Flyball and Schutzhund andChampionships, Obedience trials with International Judges.  The samewas demonstrated to the media today. 


The show isattracting four international judges who include Mrs. Berly Hession and Mrs.Jean Butterfiled both from Australia; Mrs. Donne Lucas from South Africa; Mrs.Olga Timofeeva from Russia.  The Indian Judge  who willalso take part is Mathew Prakash Bhutt. The Show is introducing KiranChitnis, a Memorial Cash Award instituted by Mrs. Jaya Chitnis in memory of herhusband.  The Grand Winner will get this award. It will be cash Awardof Rs 10,000/- that will be awarded to the dog that scores the highestcumulative points from all the three shows of Pedigree HyCan 18computed fromthe best in show lineup of all the 3 shows. 


Neetu Butt, Committee Member of TheHyderabad Canine Club also participated in the press conference. The city of Hyderabad and the Telanganaregion is emerging as a leading market and venue for all pet relatedactivities. The presence of market leaders Pedigree in Hyderabad is thetestimony to this fact.  To recognize the contribution of the peopleof Hyderabad in bringing acclaim to this region, The Hyderabad Canine Club andHITEX are felicitating leading Veterinarians and Breeders at a HITEX ExhibitionCenter today.  Each of them is a stalwart in their fields and hascontributed to the pet fraternity with single minded devotion anddedication. 


Goodveterinary service is the backbone of pet welfare in any region. Ethical andresponsible brdders are a beacon to the canine fraternity. They set thebenchmark for others to look upto and aspire of. 


Hitex andthe Hyderabad Canine Club have honored Veterinarians and Breeders who haveworked tirelessly over the eyars to provide excellent care and solicitude tothe pets and owners of the twin cities and brought recognition to the regionwith their contributions. The breeders  who were honouredinclude Ahmed Alam Khan, Vishal Sudan, Abhimanyu Reddy and BL Sharma


TheVeterinary Doctors honoured include: Dr. Muralidhar, Dr Y. Vasu, Dr. B.Madhusudhan,Dr. Raghavendra. Dr. Raghavendra was given away life timeachievement.  He is a stalward in the Vet-field.  He owns aclinic called A;; Creatures Animal Clinic in Marredpally. Ahmed Alam Khan,the breeder comes from a family of dog lovers.  He has been the VicePresident of HCC for over 10years.  He has imported, bred and showedmany champions over the years.  His indelible mark on the goddy gameis and will be the introduction  and popularization of ROTWEILERS inIndia.  At a time when people had not heard of the breed, Ahmedimported them in the dozens from the leading breeders from across theworld.  Besides Rottweilers, he has bred Dobermann andLabradols.  He is also the breeder of Murrah Buffalo and SahitoolCows.


Vishal Sudancomes from dog lovers family. He has imported 2000 dogs and many have becomechampions. Dr. Muralidhar who was felicitated was a government veterinarydoctor. Later he started a Dr. Dog Hospital.  Today is the most superspecialty hospital as it boasts of first of its kind of unique facilities onpar with human hospitals like Dog Dialysis Centre, Modern Operation Theatrewith Gaseous Anaesthesia, ECG, Ultrasound, Digital X Ray, Dental Scaling and 24hours service. 


Dr.Muralidhar set up an exclusive Dialysis Center for Dogs at a cost of Rs 15lakhs.  Only three other cities—Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai have suchfacilities.  He treats about 15 to 20 dogs a month and Rs 18,000/- ischarged for the Dialysis.  Dr. Muralidhar is equipped Dr. Dog Hospitalwith World No 1 PET Laboratry with IDEX.  He runs First Mobile DogClini and Exclusive Dog Hostel. Dr. Muralidhar also started a NGO calledVets Society for Animal Welfare and Rural Development(VSAWRD). It has done morethan 2,50,000 stray dog operations all over India.  It providedemployment for 120 staff and 157 veterinary doctors. 


HyCan’17, the concurrent event, isIndia’s premier dog show organized by The Hyderabad Canine Club. HyCan’17 showwill have more than 350+ dogs of 40+ breeds competing for the top honors. Inaddition, the show will have two days of dog sports demonstrations and competitionslike Agility, Flyball, Schutzhund, Championships and Obedience adjudged byinternational judges. HyCan show will be a visual treat for the kids.


CFAI International Cat Show by CatFanciers Association of India will display 150+ imported cats of various breedsand the show will be a treat for cat lovers. The cats of different breed areexpected to participate in various demonstrations and compete in Appearance,Agility, Breed, Temperament and Grooming Contests adjudged by internationaljudges. The show will raise awareness about cat rearing and also recognizeIndian breeds. 


The Indian pet care industry isgrowing fast and owes its surge to the changing trends and increasing interestin owning pets.  It has evolved into more than  6000 crore industry Theindustry is on the threshold of attaining double digit growth in retailsegment. The penchant of the pet parent for quality care has added more muscleto the industry. With more than 6 lac pets being adopted every year, theindustry’s annual growth is pegged at 10-15% while the year 2015 witnessed abusiness of around _ 900 crores. The forecast of sales for packaged dog &cat food in 2016 is around Rs 700 crores and it is touching about Rs 1000 crorethis year.  

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