Dr Seemma Saadikha receives Inspire Awards 2016

Bangalore 20th Dec 2016: “No act is small, as every act has the capability to transform itself into an inspiration for others to follow”. This is the thought that holds Parivartan, an initiative by Britt World Wide (BWW), which gave rise to ‘Inspire Awards’. The award recognizes the work of those individuals who have been relentlessly working for the betterment of society without any vested interest for recognition or money.

This “Inspire Award” was received by Dr. Seemma Saadikha for her impact in rural communities. As a student of medicine, she used to be a part of many health camps organized in different villages and it was since then that she developed an interest in going out of her way to help people. In May 2015, she started an NGO named Namma Mitra Foundation, which focusses on community development and rural empowerment in numerous villages in Karnataka. Namma Mitra Foundation works on projects to address issues around environment, employment, health and education to name a few. Namma Mitra strives to make a difference to develop sustainable employment and business opportunities for rural people, providing them with skills that can also be passed on to future generations. Speaking on the occasion Dr Seemma said “ If there is a vision & passion to work towards your goal then no roadblocks can ever stop you”

The awardwas launched to promote contributors who impact social causes such as Women& Child Empowerment, Youth, Environment, Law & Order andEntrepreneurship. This year marks the first edition of the award organized intwelve locations in India 

Britt WorldWide (BWW) is a training & development company that builds peoplecapabilities around the world.   Speaking on future plans, Mr.Sachin Adhikari- Chief Global Advisor of BWW  said “Parivartanwill continue to explore similar initiatives to raise the awareness of suchsocial causes in India. The organization will work with committed individualsand like-minded organizations to carry out projects that can create significantsocial impact”

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